Friday, August 15, 2008

20 weeks, halfway there!

Wow, I'm halfway done?? Time has really flown. I feel fantastic, this has been an amazing pregnancy so far. Our big u/s is on Monday morning and I cannot wait to see Baby Burns. Hopefully not too much of Baby Burns though ;) I hope he or she is happy & healthy in there. I worry that since this has been such a perfect pregnancy, something is bound to go wrong...I hate that! Just keep us and BB in your prayers!

I felt the baby kick last week! I was in Maine, laying on the back of the boat. It's kind of a hard surface (vinyl cushion) and I was laying on my belly (which wasn't terribly uncomfortable.) All of a sudden I felt a kick! Unmistakable, no doubt about it. I felt it a few times while on vacation and it was so incredible. I am starting to really feel the "flutters" and movements at other times, but the kicks and punches are the best. I'm excited for when I feel those constantly. I love looking at and feeling my belly. It's a true miracle to have another human being grow inside of you. I'm in total awe!

Hopefully I'll have great news to report on Monday, along with some pics of our little one!