Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 7 months!!

Audrey is 7 months today. I can't believe it! I'm loving this age and I know I'm very fortunate to spend so much time with her. She is so close to crawling! She can make her way around the room, but uses a variety of methods to do so. She loves to stand up while holding onto things and she has the cutest little fake laugh. Ugh, I could just squeeze her!!! Her favorite foods are yogurt (with cereal and fruit mixed in), all fruits and veggie combinations, turkey & chicken. A very well-rounded diet this girl has. Not much into snacks yet which is ok by me. She's really getting the hang of her sippy cup but I'm not too great at remembering to give it to her. Still loves Mickey, but tolerates pretty much any cartoon (I'm loving Phineas and Ferb right now.) She sleeps in her crib all night but hasn't given up that one early morning feeding (sometimes it's at 3:00, sometimes it's can never be sure!) She is such a great kid!! Chris says it should be illegal to have a baby this cute. No arguments here!

Look at that face! She's clearly givng attitude.