Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleep Training: Step 1

I've been dreading this. Sleep sounds so institutional, but it's the best way to describe it. I've been looking into the different approaches and Ferber is looking to be the best (as in most efficient.) So today Audrey and I went to Borders and picked up Dr. Ferber's book. Right now she sleeps in her Boppy bouncer on the floor next to our bed where it's quite convenient. When she stirs at night all I have to do is a) replace her paci b) restart the vibration or c) que the nature/heartbeat sounds. Sure it's a terrible habit, but it's helped me to realize that she can in fact sleep through the night and she does not need to eat every two hours.

We'll be starting mid-June when I'm out of school. I just don't know if we should put her in the crib and start Ferberizing that night or let her get used to her crib again for a few nights before starting the Ferber method. I'll take any suggestions!

Step 1 of Operation Sleep Training is complete- we've picked a method and have committed. It's going to take the next 3 weeks to get used to the idea of letting sweet Audrey Cate learn to soothe herself to sleep. I mean, look at this face!!