Friday, April 18, 2014

Abigail plays soccer!

Since dance class didn't really work out for her, I wanted to try something more active. I thought soccer would be a perfect fit. She loves to run!

Chris took her to get some apparel the week before her first practice. She looks so adorable in her headband!

She was amazing! With help from Dad, she listened and followed directions. She had a great time, Audrey loved cheering her on, it was hard to keep her off the field, lol.

There was only one other kid there (another girl!) But she was so shy and didn't really want to participate. Abby was by herself for the second practice the following week, so Coach Chris invited Audrey to play along. The girls loved it, but I *really* want something Abby has for herself. Audrey has such a big personality and pretty much takes over every situation...I want Abigail to be more independent of her. Every time Audrey took a water break, Abby would follow her out. If Audrey laid on the field, so did Abby. I love that Audrey is so encouraging and that Abigail looks up to her, but I'd love to see how she does by herself.

SOOOO, we are going to try a different group. There's an earlier class on the same day and it does not require parent involvement. There are a bunch of kids Abby's age and it's with the same Coach (Abby really likes her!) I can't wait to see how she does in a group (a STRUCTURED group.) I've seen her play with other kids. She does her own thing- and other kids join in. We were at dance class last week and families were invited in to see the recital routine. Abby literally ran around the room, singing and acting out scenes from Frozen the whole time (not at all "shy" in front of all the adults and kids.) When there was downtime for the adults to talk, the dancers were chasing her around, trying to play with her. When we went to Kite Day at Audrey's school, the kids swarmed around her, showing her the toys and trying to play with her. She's pretty indifferent, though. She can take the company or leave it.

Look at that adorable jersery!! She's number 9 :)

I'm excited to see how she does and if she has fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Annie's 6 month photo shoot

That face! These were so much fun to take. She's such a happy little lady!

Family pics: