Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 16: quality inspection

Not too much to report on this week! We had some rainy days which threw off the driveway and landscaping plans. Chris ordered all the area rugs and finalized the custom paint colors.

Only a few pics. I didn't go by and probably won't until our pre-settlement demo this week. Chris said they did the driveway on Friday and *maybe* the landscaping will be done by our PSD. I'm really excited to see the front door once it has been painted...I'm hoping it turns out like the rest of the house...better than we're expecting!

There's a heart on our island counter :)

Patio...where I'm sure Christopher will be spending many nights with a beer in his hand :)

Driveway is nice and wide, which is awesome because I have the WORST spatial awareness. I definitely hit another van back in June while trying to park. In our current house I turn right into the garage. I joked with Chris that I wouldn't be able to turn left (Zoolander!)

I can't believe this is our last full school week in the house! After that is Thanksgiving week, then closing/moving week! Yipppeeee!!