Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She Who Is My Little Girl

I was at school yesterday looking through my mail. Someone left a beautiful card in my box and I wanted to share it:

She Who Is My Little Girl

I loved you from the moment I saw you.
I adored every little thing about you.
In you I see all my hopes and dreams
For the future begin to blossom

I'll teach you to believe in yourself,
To trust your inner voice,
And to believe in true love.
Then I'll give you wings
and teach you how to fly.

Then with part of me holding on and part of me letting go,
I'll watch you spread your magnificent wings and soar.

With our shared dreams, as well as separate aspirations,
You'll become everything you were ever meant to be...
Smart, strong, and independent
With a kind, tender, and passionate heart.

But no matter how high you soar
Or how far you go,
You will always be my little girl

-Suzy Toronto

Big thanks to whoever left this...I'll be saving this card to give to my sweet girl at the perfect time.