Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Dance Class & Things I Don't Want to Forget

Today I was reminded how long it took for Audrey to get where she is today, lol. Abby was hilarious! She looked totally thrilled to be at dance class. There were a few things she was able to keep up with (none of it floor work though, lol), but for the most part she just wanted to run around and explore :) Afterwards, she kept trying to break into Audrey's dance class, so I'm assuming she liked it!

When Abby would brek free and run to Audrey, Audrey would hug her and make comments like, "Oh Abby! Not again!" LOL

Touching her toes! Yay!

Abby got knocked over at the beginning of Freeze Dance. Audrey ran right over to make sure she was ok (she was, of course!) Audrey went back to her spot against the wall but I invited her back out...I love my dancing girls!


When Audrey answers a yes or no question, she says, "Yes, I do" or "No I don't." There's something about the way she adds and says those extra words, it's so matter-of-fact.

Abigail can cry on cue. Yeah. We'll say, "Abby, can you cry?" And her face will fall and she'll make a little pouting sound.

Audrey is really good at recognizing a song after just hearing a beat or two. In the car I try to move through the stations quickly before she says, "Go back! I love that song!" Recently she's loving Kesha's new song, "Die Young." And she actually gets the words right, lol!

Audrey is getting braver about venturing out of bed at night. She's good about coming out if she needs something before she falls asleep. But usually in the middle of the night she calls for me to refill her water or milk. However, in the past week alone I've woken up twice to her crawling into bed with me (wide awake and happy as can be!) and very sweetly asking for more milk, lol.

Abigail had her 18 mo wellness check on Friday. She weighed 26 lbs and when the nurse charted her growth, she was concerned. "Do we need to put her on Baby Adkins?!" We weighed her again as she explained that the previous check-up weight was recorded wrong. She was 24lbs but it was recorded as 18. No wonder she was shocked, lol. She's 32 3/4 inches tall. That makes her between 50-75% for weight and 75-90% for height. Her and Aud will be sharing clothes in no time (YES!)

Typical Abby! She also got herself stuck between the wall and exam table as I was talking to the nurse.

Audrey was all up in the nurse's/doctor's business. She would pull the foot stool over to wherever they were and watch and make comments. When the nurse told me that Abby's chart was inaccurate, Audrey repeated, "Yeah, that's inaccurate." LOL! She kissed Abby as she was getting prepared for her shots. As Audrey was getting her flu shot, she told Ms. Sharon, "I'm not even going to think about it!" She was a total ham in the waiting room. Singing, dancing, chatting up EVERYONE. There was a 2 year old boy and she started running around with him almost immediately (Abby joined in soon after.) She brought books books to a 1 year old in a stroller and told her mother to read them to her, lol. The receptionist for a different doctor kept opening her window and saying, "She is so entertaining! She needs to be in a commercial! She could sell peanut butter or grape juice!" HAHA.

Audrey knows the words to "You are My Sunshine" and she sings it perfectly. Her cousin Bella sings the cutest color song in Spanish (and does it so perfectly!!) However, when Audrey sings it, she only recalls a few of the of them being "Azul, blue...Azul, blue." But it sounds like she's saying "A**hole, blue! A**hole, blue!" This was one of the songs she sang over and over and over again in the doctor's office. The other parents were cracking up as I tried to get her to sing a different song. I was mortified!!

When I walk in to Audrey's room, she says, "Be stuffed!" She's telling her "friends" to be still. I think she got that from Doc McStuffins :)

She made herself nice and comfortable as I was getting some work done :)

Abigail loves her baths. When you ask her if she wants a bath, she runs straight into the bathroom and yells, "Bah! Bah!" I am so not gentle when I wash her hair. I pour water straight on her head and she LOVES it. Audrey freaks out if a drop gets near her eyes, lol. Abby takes the rinsing bucket, fills it up, and pours it straight onto her chest (over and over again!) She also tries to dump it on Audrey hair (she's just helping!) She also splashed like crazy. It's fun to watch!

Halloween morning, right before she left for her class

I got to visit Audrey's class for a few minutes!

She chose to do play-dough first

I learned that she doesn't like to touch the paint (I'm not surprised!)

I'm so happy it's November! I wonder if I can get Chris to bring the Christmas tree up a little early this year...