Sunday, December 14, 2008

We're almost ready!

It's crazy to think that BB could be here any day. I was having Braxton Hicks like crazy last night. They are definitely becoming more uncomfortable. We need to put the car seat bases in and that's about it! Today I set up the Angel Care monitor in the bassinet. I also cleaned out my car to see how the Stokke would doesn't! Well, at least not in the trunk. The chassis will have to go behind my seat while the seat has to go in the trunk. I have 2 days of school this week which gives me the time I need to get last minute things done there (and train my sub.)

We keep talking about the different things we could do to bring on labor, but I know tht BB will come when he or she is ready. I'm not even convinced that stripping my membranes will work.

Here's what I found:
By running an examining finger around the inside of your cervix, he can separate the amniotic sac from where it's stuck there. Theoretically, this will allow the bridging molecules that stick the membranes to the inside rim of the cervix to break--all at a molecular level, mind you--and so be released and then converted into prostaglandins, which are powerful stimulants of labor. It is however not a form of induction but more a form of stimulation of labor.

I couldn't find any good stats about how often it brings on labor. To be honest, at that point it won't really matter. I'll be done with work, which means no more suffering 10 hours a day! I'll still be up and walking around, but at least I can do so at my own comfort level (and I don't have to hide the pain!)

As uncomfortable as these last weeks will be/have been, I really love being pregnant. This is the best thing I've ever done. Chris is so excited! I'm so grateful for him. We're getting closer and closer to meeting this little angel we've created. I can't wait!