Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 15: IDK, a bunch of stuff!

I was able to stop by on Tuesday after school. It was a work day and I brought Abigail with me because Chris has had TWO one-on-one days with her recently and I was getting jealous :)

That is some crazy afternoon light coming in!

View of the kitchen from the playroom door

Hood stack is done! I love the kitchen now, but I can't wait to see it with the new paint!

I had to take a picture of this light. Might need to buy more curtains!

Dining room light.

Stairs hadn't been finished, can you spot the mistake?? It has been fixed, thank goodness!

Master shower, love the gray and the size and the window!

Master vanity. I'm glad we have the side-by-side mirrors instead of the one large piece...less to clean!

Sweet Abby in mom and dad's room :)

A better picture of the carpet.

Anne's room

Upstairs hall. One of the first things I noticed and LOVED about the Emerson model was how wide the hall was. I just see a lot of playing and tackling and tickle fights in this hall :)

Can't wait to see the door painted!

The lighting is in and all the floors are done, but they were covered. Mirrors are up, too. I was SO excited to check out the upstairs...and I was extremely happy with the carpet. It's gray and it looks a lot lighter than the sample we looked at. I think it will look really good with all the different colors we're painting the bedrooms. We now have a mailbox and number sign above our door.

CORRECTION: I just learned our counters are NOT granite, they are quartz. I had no idea until Chris and I were talking about how to care for them. Good to know.

On Thursday we met Chris at the Emerson model for the Atlantic Builders chili cookoff. I hadn't been there in awhile, and I've never been there at night. It was so cool to walk around and know that in just a few short weeks we'll be walking around in our own!

The house was cleaned on Thursday and now I'm dying to see it. Our pre-settlement demonstration is in 2 weeks and originally I was going to skip it, but I'm too excited to stay away, lol.

Chris ordered a ton of tools this week. He's got big plans :) I finally ordered a bed for Audrey. Now I need a dresser. I want to check out our local thrift/antique shops because I LOVE the hand painted furniture they have. We also need area rugs for the living room, kitchen, and playroom. We're having a big area rug/runner made for the foyer that matches the runner on our stairs. I wish we could've left the stairs uncovered, but with 3 little kiddos that would be asking for trouble! I also need to order a bajillion curtain rods.

We've been trying to plan out our week of the move as far as things to get done on certain days. That includes having the house painted. We have our closing date, furniture delivery date, and moving date. Chris took off the entire week, I took two days off for unpacking. Seriously cannot wait.

Our awesome project manager worked all day yesterday on touch ups because QI is coming up this week. I'm not clear on what the schedule is for the next few weeks as far as driveway, landscaping, etc. I just know that after this weekend we only have 3 weekends to go! I'm so glad Thanksgiving break is our last week in this house- it gives us plenty of time to REALLY pack and Chris will be home with us :)