Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 12: stone and paint

I'm in love with this house!

I took Wednesday off, we dropped off the kids at their respective places, and went to the house to measure windows. The trim was finished and they were getting ready to prep for paint. When Chris took Audrey by later that afternoon they were getting ready to do stone and they were beginning to paint.

Furniture shopping was so fun. We picked out living room stuff, master bedroom stuff, and a kitchen table set. We visited a bunch of places and it was pretty easy making decisions. We went to lunch for our 11 year anniversary :)

We had been struggling to find a bench for the mudroom. Down the road we want to do built-ins, but we needed something we could put in there immediately. There are a bunch of storage benches out there, but Chris was set on getting a longer bench since our mudroom is pretty long. On my way home from school I always pass a cute little antique/thrifted furniture place. They always have a ton of pieces outside and I always hope to get stopped at the red light so I can check it out :) I was driving by on Thursday I saw a big gray bench sitting out there. I ended up reaching out to them on FB and they posted a picture of it. On Friday I sent it to Chris. He stopped by, loved it, bought it. In fact, he raved about how awesome the whole store was..."When you go to pick up the bench, if you see something you like that will fit in our house, YOU BUY IT!" I went to pick it up and we're using it already, it's perfect.


living room



I think this is where we're putting the Christmas tree!

powder room

can't wait to see these finished!

The more I see the house coming together, the more anxious I get about packing this place up. Our closing is the Monday after Thanksgiving break. I do think that is great timing- we'll be able to do most of the packing over the break. We haven't decided what day we're moving in. It's just going by so quickly! Next week they're doing tile and cabinets. Yay!!