Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Abby! And 17, 18 weeks!

Yesterday was Abigail's birthday. We did a lot of celebrating all weekend, though!

On Friday she had cake and presents at Grandma's house.

She is so good at singing "Happy Birthday" :)

On Saturday we had dinner, cake, and presents at Mom Maw's house.

We all woke her up this morning by singing "Happy Birthday." She loved it :)

I remember 2 years ago I was just staring at the beautiful little newborn with dark (!) hair and felt amazed by the love I had for her.

Our love for her just grows and grows. We did presents and cake when Chris got home. Such a sweet little celebration!

She went from happy to mad in .02 seconds when Audrey picked up the broom. LOL, REALLY?!

Aaaaaaaand back to happy!

"I want that!"

Oh, Audrey :)

Dad cleaned her all up, then dipped her face in the cake. It was hilarious!

Baby News:

I felt fluttering for the first time a couple weeks ago when I had the stomach virus. I will never, ever get over how incredible it feels (the movements, not the stomach virus.) And the fact that the movements just intensify is beyond describable. I love wondering if it's a little boy or girl in there :) I'm feeling movements much more frequently now, and Chris got to feel too just a few days ago.

I feel pretty awesome. Although my boobs feel like lead balloons. Going braless is just not an option for me anymore. And the past few days I've had some tightening/cramping. I think it's just my body stretching!

17 weeks

POP! 18 weeks!

I'm up to 22 units of insulin a day, weighed in at 135 last week and heard the heartbeat (150, I think?) I have an appointment with the peri on Friday to look at the heart and then on the 21st there's the Big U/S. I'm loving this time!