Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sweet, Darling Abby

Abigail had her one-year wellness appointment on Friday. She weighs an even 23 lbs and is 28 1/4 inches long. She got 3 shots. She laid so still and was so quiet while the nurse got them ready- then as soon as she got stuck she turned bright red and screamed! Luckily she calmed down as soon as I picked her up :) I gave her Tylenol throughout the day and she did just fine :)

She's getting so good at playing Peek-a-boo. When you say, "Where's Abby?" she covers her eyes (sometimes she covers her ears, but I think it's because she's misjudged where her eyes are, lol.) Then we she uncovers them we say, "There she is!" and she just laughs :) She is a climber. She climbs up on the PBK chairs. She can now get into the little rocking chair. At the doctor's office it wasn't good enough to climb up onto the little purple chair, she had to climb up onto the biggest chair as well. At Grandma's house she pushes the little foot stool across the room and uses it to get onto the ottoman or the couch. When we go outside she makes a beeline for the stairs and wants to climb up those. It's driving me crazy! She's the kid who will break a bone first, I'm sure of it.

She also loves to, for whatever reason, open up her bottom dresser drawer, take everything out, and climb right in.

I look at her and cannot BELIEVE she's been with us for an entire year. I still, very clearly, remember swaddling her up and holding her every chance I got. She was the perfect little angel baby! I definitely have my hands full, and I love it!

We have her one year photo session with the wonderful Stacy Hart on Saturday. She's going to wear a cute little lace romper (and pearls!) Plus we're doing a cake smash (I really hope she tears into the cake this time!) I can't wait :)

I am SUPER EXCITED that we booked our first family vacation. Chris and I haven't been on vaca together since our honeymoon (nearly 8 years ago!) We are both pretty excited. Any suggestions and tips for taking little ones to the beach would be greatly appreciated :)