Sunday, June 26, 2011

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PT success!!

Audrey has been without a diaper all day and has had NO accidents! We've been hanging out in the living room all morning. She walks over, gets on her potty, and she goes! She gets a small treat, we clean out her potty and start all over again. I am so proud of her! She definitely seems to recognize the feeling that she has to go and she's making the connection that she needs to go on the potty. A month ago that wasn't the case (as evidenced by numerous puddles on the hardwood floor!) I just put her down for a nap and I'm hoping the rest of the day is just as successful.

So, when is a good time to start putting her in underwear? Should we start with Pull-Ups first? Should we keep doing the nakey thing for a few days until she definitely gets it? I'm just not sure what the next steps are so any advice would be GREAT!

Audrey did great after her nap! She even went #2 on the potty :) I put underwear on her when we went outside to blow bubbles. We were out for maybe 10 minutes with no issues. But then, as we were walking in she peed and oddly enough it didn't phase her. She had another accident later on when she was playing with her toys. Both times I had her sit on the potty and I assured her it was ok to have accidents (she didn't seem to care, lol.)

Thanks for all the advice!! I'm hoping she continues to use the potty like she did today. What a huge step!