Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogging on the road!

Oooooh, this is new! Praise the iPod Touch and WiFi :) Chris dropped Audrey and me off at my dad's bright and early but we didn't get on the road until 10:00. The car trip was great! Scott is wonderful- he downloaded an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on his iPod (once again- praise iPod!) She napped for about an hour and a half. We arrived in NY around 4:00 and had delicious pizza waiting for us. Audrey loved exploring and even got in the hot tub! Don't worry moms! It was turned way low, cooler than her bath water! She was a little restless at bedtime and so after our routine I let her read in her pack and play until she fell asleep. Tomorrow the plan is to leave bright and early and head to Maine. I'm hoping for another great trip, although it will be much longer. Hope the hotel has WiFi!