Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time to bust out the ice packs...

Dear Audrey,

With crawling comes great responsibility, Grasshopper. The bright white holes in the wall are NOT for babies to stick things in. I'm not sure why you are so fascinated with the outlets. You have given me yet another item to put on this week's shopping list.

Also, when you crawl on the tile floor, you need to be very careful. More careful than usual. Was it fun when you fell mouth first and bled all over yourself (and me) this morning? I know you got over it pretty quickly, but not so for your mama. Blood is NOT a good look on you, my dear.

And another thing: just because you're crawling now does not in ANY WAY mean you have to start climbing, too. Ever heard of baby steps? You've got a lovely bruise on your forehead from falling into your bookshelf. Although I am thrilled with your love of books, get used to reading with one hand...the other will be busy with an ice pack.

I know that these injuries hurt me more than they hurt you (thank goodness) but please try to tone it down a bit. Or I will be forced to make you wear this until you're old enough to have your own kids. Mkay? Thanks. Love you, Mama