Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweet Abigail Mae is TWO!

I just didn't know how much my heart could expand until she was born!

All About Abby:

She has so much expression. I can tell if she's up to something or sad or just curious- all by looking at her eyes.

She is saying so many words and phrases. She follows simple directions. She's learned so much from Audrey. The other night I said, "It's time for bed!" She said, "Awwwwww!!" LOL! I love how she says, "Oh, yes!" when we ask her a question.

She's a great eater, and waaaay less messy. I love watching her eat oatmeal and yogurt. She's so careful with her spoon. She'll say, "All done, Mama!"

She's sassy. She'll pout if she doesn't get her way and she'll let you know if she's mad at you. She recently started yelling back at Audrey, "No way!" HAHA!

She's running, jumping, climbing, and loves to dance. She seems to want to do everything herself, like getting into her highchair. She even likes to sit on the big potty, wipe, and flush. I guess we'll be potty training this summer!

She mimics everything, like feeding her baby doll and pouring tea. She finishes my sentences: "You are so beauti-" "...FUL!" :)

She loves electronics... the Leap Pad, the iPod, and TV. She equally loves books (always wants one in bed and in the car.)

She is amazing with routine. She knows what to expect and when. She knows to put her cup and dishes in the sink when she's done. She knows to throw trash away without being told. She drops her paci when we get her out of bed. She runs straight to the bathroom when we say it's time to brush her teeth and get a vitamin. Little things that make life run more!

We basically consider her our "Wild Child." She's not one to go somewhere and just chill. She wants to be wandering around, trying to find some action. I love her curiosity, as difficult as it is to constantly chase her around!

And soon she'll be our middle child. So crazy! This sweet girl has an amazing role model sister, and she'll soon have a little baby to help care for and who will look up to HER. I know she's going to be awesome.

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