Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's today?

I usually get like this during winter break and summer vacation...I lose track of what day it is, because really, what does it even matter? All I know is that I didn't work yesterday and I'm not working tomorrow. Well, I didn't GO to work...but trust me, there's been a lot of lesson planning and grading going on!

Being home has thrown off our schedule a bit. Since Audrey sleeps until 8 or 9, her afternoon nap is insanely late. So we've just been doing one mid-day nap, with a short period of quiet time in the late afternoon. I'm sure she'll transition just fine back to 2 naps when she goes back to grandma.

Today I noticed how much she was all over the place. Just aimlessly wandering from one room to another, for no specific purpose. She babbled the entire time (which made it easier to keep track of her!) Most of the time she carries something, like her teapot, a small ball, a book, but usually she finds her Mickey to tote around:

He's great for chewing on as well!

She always seems to be having fun, I just love her personality!

The past couple of nights, after she's been sleeping for awhile, I've brought her into bed with me and I just hold her while I watch TV. She sleeps so peacefully in my arms, and I love being able to kiss her sweet head and stroke her soft hair. After an hour or so, I put her right back in her crib and she's none the wiser :)

Snuggle time!