Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growth Spurts Suck

Audrey's sleep has been shot to hell recently. At first she was just waking up a little earlier than normal...4:00 am one day, then 3:00 the next, then 2:00, then 1:00. She'd take a bottle and go right back to sleep until her regular wake up time (7:00 ish). Last night was by far the worst though. She went to bed around 8:00. And then woke up at 10:30...WTH??! Chris fed her since he was still up, you know because it was only 10:30. I forget what times she woke up, but it was about every 2 hours the rest of the night. Most of the time she wasn't really interested in eating, although she did manage to suck down a couple ounces each time. It was like she was a newborn again, a time I do not miss (well, as far as night feedings/wakings goes.) This HAS to be a growth spurt. My sweet little baby needs her beauty sleep!

In my search to find a teething cracker/cookie/biscuit, I finally found a snack she likes! I've tried giving her yogurt melts and puffs. She picks them up but doesn't put them in her mouth. Mum Mums are a different story, though. She loves to chew on them. It's so cute to watch her self-feed.

As you can tell, she takes snacking pretty seriously.

Anyways, please recommend your favorite teething snacks and where I can find them. Thanks!