Monday, June 8, 2009

New things!

Two new happenings this month!

Audrey will not stop rolling's ridiculous! She does not want to be on her back. It's way too cute how she rolls over and just wants to play on her belly:

When she's not playing on her belly she's sitting up and playing!! That's right, Miss Audrey can sit all by herself. I've been so excited for this moment. Her balance is amazing, she tilts in all directions and straightens back up. She even turns her body to look at what's going on behind her. Amazing, this girl is!!

Audrey with her pal Janine Giraffalo

"I'm going to eat your face!"

"You taste terrible!"

So far all of her milestones have been exciting and I've looked forward to them so much. But I think I'm going to cry the day she actually becomes mobile. Where is the time going?!