Friday, March 18, 2011

Gestational Diabetes...I has it

I got the official news on Monday and wasn't too surprised based on my appt with Dr. K. I was able to go that afternoon and see another doctor to get more info (also, I weighed in at 148.) She was really great and gave me an order for the Diabetes Management Center. Usually you have to go to a 2 hour class but I got lucky and was able to snag a one-on-one consultation with a dietician Wednesday. Audrey and I met Chris at Panera for dinner (the last time I ate without counting carbs, lol) and we headed over.

LeAnn was very nice and easy to talk to. She didn't mind that Audrey was there and running/talking up a storm :) She explained GD works, what I need to do for my diet and how to test my blood sugar. We went over my current diet and it seems like I won't have to change too much. I just have to watch the carbs so that means cutting down on portions mostly. I do have to give up my morning glass of chocolate milk, Starbucks, and eating out at the usual places (Chic-fil-a, so sad!) I felt really good about everything when I left. Then I tested my blood sugar the next morning...

My waking level should be between 60-90. It was 114! So I already started out high for the day. An hour after my breakfast (2 slices of toast) it was 199 (should be <140 after a meal.) 2 hours after lunch it was 138 (but should be <120 after 2 hrs.) Ugh! I felt pretty defeated...I was sticking to my carb intake but not getting good results (and I was very, very hungry!) I had a ginormous salad for dinner and was relieved to see my level at 116 (a little less than the 120 mark, but I'll take it!) The way LeAnn explained it is that my morning fasting levels are very important. If those don't get under control it's likely I'll need insulin. Fingers crossed that's not the case...I go back 3/28 for my first follow up.

All in all, the finger pricks aren't too bad. I'm excited about the conscious effort to eat more healthy. And I feel great...despite the swollen ankles and occasional rib pain. Tomorrow I'll be 33 weeks!