Tuesday, October 28, 2008


October is going by so slow. Longest month ever.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Office: Baby Shower

OMG, this was the funniest episode ever! From Dwight & Michael rehearsing the baby's birth to the awkward baby shower, this was one of my favorite episodes!

And some of my favorite quotes:

Michael: "Jan is in the terminal stages of her pregnancy."

Dwight: "Do you have the Sharpie?! When the baby emerges you must mark the baby with a symbol that only you can recognize and that no baby snatcher will be able to replicate."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

30 weeks!

This has been an interesting week. Lots of emotions. As I approached 30 weeks,
I’ve felt the rigors of pregnancy: my feet hurt, minor aches and pains in different places, waking at 2 and 3 in the morning. I’m also fighting off a cold or bug of some sort. I’ve wanted to take ½ days off work twice this week! It doesn’t help that people are starting to point out that I look tired or that I’m starting to walk slower. Thanks people, like I don’t notice these things? Luckily I have a Dr appt tomorrow and I have the morning off (I’m looking forward to sleeping in!) I’m starting to worry about when I’ll go into labor. We have classes to take (CPR, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding) and I have a lot to get organized before I leave my 2nd graders. It’s very hard to give up control of your class, but I think it’s even harder to prepare to give up control. I know my kids will be taken care of, I just want to make sure I’ve done a good job in preparing everything my sub will need. What if I go early? My due date is January 1st, but I’ve known so many who have gone weeks early. My goal is to have everything ready by December. That month is going to be so hectic and I’m sure it will fly by.

It’s been so wonderful being pregnant…even with all the changes it brings. What has made it all worth it is Jaudrey (I just love saying that name…it makes me laugh.) No longer am I getting a little poke or kick here and there. When I lay on my right side, the left side of my stomach is where Jaudrey likes to move…and when I say move I mean roll around and even keep a limb there for a few seconds. I love watching it! When I go to bed I the leave the light on so I can watch the show. I sometimes touch where I see him/her moving and it’s so cool to think I’m almost touching the baby. I wonder if it’s a hand or an elbow? A foot? The head? Butt?? I just love it! I really love to watch Chris watch and feel the baby. He’s going to be such a good dad and I’m so lucky we’re in all of this together.

So all in all, I'm really starting to feel pregnant! I hope Jaudrey stays in there long enough to be born healthy. I hope I have the strength to hang in there!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surprise Baby Shower!

We went to WV last weekend for Christopher's family reunion. It was so nice to see everyone and even though it was a very short trip, we had a lot of fun. After the reunion we went to hang out with just our family and walked in to a surprise shower! Chris had known about it, but I was completely surprised. Cute decorations, lots of gifts, and yummy cake :)

Some of the things we got were the Boppy, Baby Einstein jumper, grooming & safety kit, Baby Bjorn, and of course a bunch of Va Tech apparel! It was so wonderful.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

28 weeks, and our anniversary!

On Oct 9th I officially began my 3rd trimester! It was also our 4th wedding anniversary :) We had a fantastic dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and Chris loved the VT track suit I bought for Baby Burns:

The next morning I had my Gestational Diabetes test, which I'd been dreading for the longest time. It wasn't bad at all though! I got to see our favorite nurse, Danielle, and the drink was very tasty....like sugary orange soda. If there's a problem I'll hear from them this week. Somehow I think I'll be ok...my body has been handling large doses of sugar for many, many years ;)

It feels so good to be in the 3rd trimester. I'll be seeing my Dr every 2 weeks now until I'm 36 weeks. Time is flying by and I'm getting bigger and bigger! Please keep BB in your thoughts...we want him or her to stay in there as long as possible!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008