Sunday, February 8, 2015

Audrey Catherine is SIX!

Our lovely girl! She is such a ray of light, a breath of fresh air. My sweet, sweet baby is not a baby anymore :(

She loves school and is doing so well! She's being referred for Focus (wow!!) Her class is the cutest! One of the highlights of my day is visiting them at lunch. We invited her whole class to her party this year at the Field was a blast! It makes me happy to think these are the kids she will form life-long friendships with :)

She is reading and writing. I can actually read the stories she writes (she also likes making lists & schedules...just like her momma!) She still loves to draw and create. She's an eager and enthusiastic a learner- a little sponge! She takes an idea or a subject and runs with it. Just last week they learned about penguins. The very next morning she came with me to a meeting in the library where she checked out a book about them. She also got a piece of paper and copied from the globe, labeling different countries and oceans (and she drew a cute little penguin at the bottom!)

She participates in Destination Imagination after school (she calls it "Discovering our imaginations", lol!) Her group will perform in March. She loves it, and I love that she gets to learn how to work and communicate with others while getting to be creative.

She's majorly into Legos now and received a few sets for her birthday and Christmas. She'll sit and follow the picture directions, or she'll create something different (and she's so good about letting Abby play, too!)

She is so kind. A few days ago I watched her at recess- she walked over to a boy who was sitting by himself and I could tell she was trying to help him out. Later I asked her about it...she said she was trying to get him to play since he was alone. She even tracked down another boy for him to play with, lol. I just love that!

She has gotten a lot better about trying new foods. Her diet is still very limited...but I'm so relieved that she doesn't gag and cry when trying new things (still some complaining and reluctance, but we are moving in the right direction!)

She has the best attitude. She's positive and friendly, optimistic and so kind. Just an all around delightful little lady. She makes us proud every single day!