Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anne Elizabeth is 4 months old!

There is something so special about her. I think it's because she's truly the baby in our family, the last one. Which I'm not at all sad about, lol!

She smiles all the time and totally lights up when she sees us. She also gets all wiggly when she gets excited. I've been able to make her laugh a few times, usually by kissing her belly.

Annie weighs 13 lbs, 14 oz. She's either 23 or 24 inches long (I can't remember what the pedi said!) She's in size 2 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. She drinks 4-5 ounce bottles every 2-3 hours. We put her to bed around 8:00, Chris dream feeds her around 10-11. She still wakes for the 2 am bottle, then again at 4 and 6 (yeah. sucks.)

She likes to sit in her Bumbo for short periods of time. I usually put her in there when I'm in one of the girls' rooms. They love to play with her when she's sitting up :)

She likes her play mat, too. She looks at the hanging toys and Mr. Sun. Every once in awhile she'll knock them with her hands (not sure if this is on purpose yet!) I'm hoping to try our her exersaucer this month.

I think we're going to try cereal in the next few weeks. But that's it until she's 6 months! I loved skipping baby food with Abigail. I can't wait to see how Anne takes to food! She loves to gnaw on my finger as well as on hers.

Big sisters at 4 months:



Miss Punctual has been going through the 4 month wakeful. The past 2 nights she wakes earlier and more often. I despise those nights- the ones where I see every hour on the clock, lol. Sleep training is looking better and better! I have no idea when we'll do it. Probably at 6 months like with the older two. The 2 am feed is all good, but I REALLY wish she'd skip the 4 am and go a longer stretch.

I am glad she's so little at this time of year. I want to do nothing but stay in and hibernate all day, every day. She is the perfect excuse to do just that!

Month 4 seemed to be very similar to month 3. I get more and more excited as each month brings new things. My favorites- more sleep, sitting up, rolling over. Can't wait!!