Monday, July 8, 2013

Happenings and Things I Don't Want to Forget

I love summer! It means mid-week dates with my favorite 4 year old! We saw Dispicable Me 2 in 3D and had such a wonderful time.

Chris took Abigail on an ice cream date. He's such a great dad!

Going for an early morning walk

I've pretty much had to Ferber Audrey, lol. She would get out of bed every 5 minutes to come snuggle with me (so sweet, but she would end up falling asleep in our bed!) So I check on her every 5-10 minutes now (she's not allowed to get out of bed.) Works like a charm! She no longer takes naps so she's asleep within minutes. She has quiet time in her room while Abby naps.

The newborn and 0-3 month clothes are washed and folded! I'll put the neutral clothes in the baby's dresser and keep the boy and girl clothes stored in bins until he or she is born. I'm positive we have another girl on the way and so the boy clothes can go to my sister!

Grandma treated us all to the Pinkalicious show at the dinner theater. The girls really enjoyed it!

The girls are getting along so well! The older they get, the better. Things that used to bother Audrey don't anymore (or, not as much.) She gives up toys that Abigail wants and is more willing to share. She invites her to play and loves to teach her things. She handles disputes by telling me rather than lashing out at her sister. I am so proud of her!

Abigail is saying the cutest things: When she wants you to see something (or do something) she says, "Come on, Mom! Let's go! Follow me!" When she's looking for Audrey she says,"Where Audrey go? Where Audrey Cate? Audrey, where aaaaaaaare youuuuuu?" If you have something she wants (or when Audrey has something), she'll say, "I want _____, too!" She loves Audrey's "doctor bag" and tells us to lay down so she can give a "check up." When she says "Thank you" or "I love you", she always adds your name to the end. She says, "You're the best EVER!" She's learned that if she puts up her hand and yells, "WAIT!!!" then we will, lol. She has also started repeating the last word you say as a question. For example, I said to Audrey, "I can't wait to see you dance in your recital!" And then Abigail said, "RECITAL?!" The way she says it, she sounds so incredulous, it just cracks me up. She does this ALL the time!

Audrey is obsessed with spelling. She wants to know how to spell everything, and she can tell me what letter anything starts with.

Audrey really wants to name the baby June. I told her that we'd buy her a baby doll and she could name her June. Luckily she was satisfied with that! For a hot second we were considering Anna June, but Chris just cannot get on board with Anna (darn!)

Abigail "helps" Audrey use the bathroom. She "lifts" Audrey up. Then she gets the toilet paper for her. Then she flushes. It's so funny! Audrey feels like she's teaching Abby and Abby looks so proud of herself, lol. I guess we'll try potty training this summer, but I'm not even stressing about it. She has a severe diaper rash (we saw the doctor and got a rx for cream.) She likes to take her diaper off and throw it away, but she really has no patience for sitting on the potty.

Audrey has not lost her penchant for building and designing. She still loves arranging her little figurines and blocks. She decorates with jewelry. I love how patient and focused she is; it's funny because when we go out, she's all over the place, singing and dancing and talking, and can hardly stay still.

Audrey has turned out to be such a Mama's girl. We're practically attached at the hip. I love it. I know this can't last forever, so I'm savoring every moment and I'm probably a huge enabler :) I hope we're always this close.

Abigail is saying some big words! She says “beautiful” and “mmmm, delicious!!” She’s getting to be as animated as her big sister. She’ll say things like, “Dinner?!? I LOVE dinner!” and “I LOVE Mickey!”

The girls are obsessed with Sublime’s ‘What I Got.’ Every time it ends Abby says, “Again! AGAIN!” and she’ll cry if I don’t replay it. She tries to sing along (she usually gets the last word or two of a verse, while Audrey knows nearly all the words.)

Sometimes, after Abby gets dressed, she says, “Princess!” and she looks SO happy!

Abigail pretends to be asleep when I go to get her out of the car. Then she opens her eyes and yells, "Raaaahhhh!!" to scare me :) It's so funny!

Audrey is SUCH a good girl. She tries so hard to follow the rules and be polite. A few weeks ago we were checking out at Target and she found a coin on the ground. She asked the lady in front of us if it was hers. She was so proud of herself for "helping" a stranger. Such a delightful little lady!

So many wonderful things I get to enjoy! Loving this :)