Saturday, June 6, 2009

Growing up fast!

It seems like Audrey changes overnight. All of a sudden she can just do different things. A few weeks ago we put up the doorway jumper. She liked it ok, would give a few bounces here and there. A few days later she's bouncing and laughing and having a great old time. Recently she's discovered the musical buttons and has been hitting them like crazy.

She is really starting to get better at sitting up. A few days ago I had her in the bouncer as I was eating dinner. All of a sudden she sits straight up and starts smiling at the dogs. She would not lay back down! She'd even lean back, then pull herself upright again. It was pretty funny. It's getting harder and harder to hold her in the bathtub when she does this!

She is such a great eater! Opens her mouth wide when she sees the spoon coming. Sometimes she'll grab ahold of it and put it to her mouth.

She's pretty awesome in every way imaginable.