Saturday, August 10, 2013

Newness! And 32 weeks

August has brought a lot of new things so far...a new nephew, a new vehicle, a new preschool!

Our sweet nephew was born last Friday (3 weeks early!) "C" is beyond adorable and soooo tiny (weighed 5 lbs 15 oz at birth.) He is just a little ball of cuteness. We got to visit him and the new parents at home on Tuesday. He slept the entire time :) I held him the majority of the time, but I did hand him over briefly to Chris, Audrey, and even Abigail :)

I hope she's this excited about our new baby!

Abigail was a little hesitant at first, but later she asked to hold him! I am so curious to see how she'll be with her little brother or sister!

We are so happy to have him here safe and sound!

Soooo, we bought a van! I never thought I'd be driving a minivan, but I am soooo loving it! We'd been talking about it for awhile and Chris was hesitant- he wanted to switch vehicles, but to me the SUV would have been too crammed for 3 across and the features of a van really appealed to me (lots of space and automatic doors to be specific.) Chris started to check them out online and saw one he liked. We went to check it out on Wednesday after our dentist appointments. We dropped off the girls with Grandma, grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the dealership.

When we got there, the salesman pulled the van around and opened it up so we could take a look. I was NOT impressed. It was a 2012, but it looked older and worn on the inside. It was very basic and I just could not see myself driving it around for the next few (MANY) years. Chris wasn't feeling it either, so he suggested looking at other vans on the lot. The next one we saw...WOW. First, I loved the color (dark metaLlic gray.) And then I noticed how pretty it was on the inside; light gray leather seats (leather is so much easier to clean!!) There was a large flat-screen tv that folded down and PLENTY of space in the 2nd and 3rd rows. He showed us how to slide and fold down the seats (super easy.) I was really excited about the automatic doors and trunk (lots of storage!) Then I got to check out the front...and I was pretty much sold. Very spacious, clean, and a moon roof!! The Beetle had one and I have missed it SOOOO much. I keep that sucker open all the time, unless it's raining! Chris thought it was all ridiculous, lol. I really didn't think he'd go for it. But he wanted to take it out and I had him drive first so I could check out the controls. Those were a bit overwhelming because there's a back up camera and navigation system. When we switched, I felt very comfortable driving it. I could definitely see us all in this van for a long time to come!

When we got back to the lot I played with it a little more and we decided to go for it. A couple hours later we were headed to pick the girls up. They were super excited and liked running around in it. I wasn't going to show them the tv, but Chris borrowed a DVD from Aunt Sarah and put it in for them, lol. Needless to say, they were zombies the whole way home! I didn't figure this out until later, but it came with wireless headphones so that they can watch a video while I listen to the radio (thank goodness!) I explained to Audrey that we're only using the tv on long trips. She gets it- Abigail still asks for the tv, but doesn't get upset when I say no. And there's no food or drink allowed. For now...I'm really trying to stick to that! They are used to it with Chris and his SUV, but in my car they got juice, milk, snacks, french fries, whatever! And when tey took the car seats out of my Fusion...ugh. It was straight up disgusting with crumbs!

So, needless to say, I am super happy with it. It's already made my life easier. I love all the space and getting the girls in and out is soooo easy. I'm so happy we got it before Baby arrives- one more thing checked off the massive to-do list!

That brings us to preschool! I had given up on the idea because all the schools were either too far or full-time. But one evening Audrey and I went for a walk through town and we saw a huge sign in front of one of the churches advertising for Fall sign up. It was like a sign from the Heavens :) I called the next day and it sounded perfect- 3 days a week, mornings only. Yay! We went to Open House this morning and both girls had a blast. The teachers are very nice and I feel good about it! I am so excited for Audrey.

Abigail started swim lessons last week and she is a natural! A little too brave, though :) I love having that time with her and she has so much fun. Audrey even encourages her from the benches, lol. In Grandma's pool she swims with just a ring. She also tries the noodle, but isn't as steady with it. I have to stay next to her every second!