Monday, March 30, 2009

Growth Spurt, Teething, Colic...OH MY!

We know Audrey has colic...we knew that a long time ago. She's been extra fussy lately and I'm wondering if she's going through her 3 month growth spurt (if she hasn't already.) But over the weekend she became a drool monster! She sucked on her hands and fingers so much that they were soaked, as were her clothes. Totally adorable. I checked teething symptoms and it's looking pretty good:

irritability and fussiness...check check
refusing food...check
sleep problems...check check

She's actually good at night, still wakes twice to eat, but napping was pretty non-existent over the weekend (when she did fall asleep it wasn't for very long.) I'm wondering how long it will be before we see a tooth sprout up.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Fewer things are more painful than becoming engorged. I can usually handle it ok until I get a kid who runs at me for a hug. Hugging hurts when you're engorged and you can't help but wince when you get a load of pressure right to the milk makers. But what can you do? Kids are so sweet and I can suck it up. However I now have a blocked duct which is extremely painful and I'm hoping it goes away soon. Breast feeding is a lot harder than I thought it would me (in so many ways!) and I get to do this for another 9 months!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 months!

I can't believe our angel baby turned 3 months on Tuesday. We had her pictures done with cousin Isabella and they are C-U-T-E!! I can't wait to post them. We'll be visiting the Easter Bunny in a few days and going to see the cherry blossoms in DC. Hooray for Spring!

The girls: Zoe, Sheri, Audrey


Love that baby face!

Looking at Dad

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caught on Camera!

I finally caught her rolling over on video. She started rolling over at 5 weeks and does it pretty consistently during tummy time. This morning I had my camera ready b/c with our busy week I hadn't taken any pictures or video. She'll be 3 months on Tuesday. What a big girl!

And another video, just because she's so darn cute!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Looks like we made it!

My first week back at work went pretty well! My two main goals were to be at work on time and not to cry...achieved :) It was pretty easy to get back in the swing of things at school. It was completely crazy though b/c the kids were so excited about me being back AND Gator Week. I really miss Audrey during the day, but I'm so busy that it's really not as bad as I though it would be...especially since throughout the day I get pictures like this via text:

I love picking her up in the afternoon. She's just now getting to the stage where she smiles when she sees someone she likes. It's very random, sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. I can't help but be disappointed when I show up and she doesn't even seem to care that I'm there! But I have to say that by the end of the week it seemed like she was happy to see me after the long day. I can't wait until she can hold up her arms to tell us that she wants to be picked up! For now I just revel in the smiles :)

I definitely appreciate the weekends much more! For one we get to "sleep in." Audrey still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night and I have no idea how to get her to sleep longer stretches. I'm so glad we're sharing the nighttime feedings because by the end of the day I'm beat! I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. But the mornings are great...I manage to get everything ready and get out the door with her in plenty of time. When we get to Grandma's I have some time to feed her or just hold and play with her. Coffee has become an important part of my morning routine!

Today we cleaned the house and did the grocery shopping. Audrey was great, just along for the ride:

Sunday will be for relaxing and getting some schoolwork done. Then we get to start all over again on Monday! Ahhh, only 3 weeks until Spring Break...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to work....YIKES!!

I think I'm more nervous about tomorrow than I am on the first day of school! Will I get enough sleep? Will we get out of the house on time without forgetting anything? Will I get to school on time? I'm worrying myself over every little thing! I have a million things to do today which is good b/c I need to keep myself busy. I'm actually feeling good b/c I got 10 hours of sleep last night! Oh, Audrey finally slept through the night, you say? No. Not a chance. Chris got up with her all night so that I could get a full nights rest (he did the same the night before!) I have a great husband :)

Our school's spirit week is this week and I think it will be a fun week to go back. Hopefully I'll keep busy enough to not miss Audrey so much (yeah right!) I'm going to put together our digital frame and take that to work so I can watch her slideshow :) So wish us luck tomorrow and the rest of the week....only 29 days until SPRING BREAK!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We took Audrey for professional pics at exactly 2 months. My mother in law joined the portrait club at JCP and we're fortunate enough to get pictures every month! I took her again at 11 weeks to Picture People just for fun! Here are a couple of my faves...

Tell me this one doesn't belong in a magazine!!

Click here for the rest!

That will not be me, that will not be me...

Yesterday Audrey and I were strolling around the mall and we went into JC Penneys. I was perusing the shoe section when a woman came up and asked about our stroller (It's a real conversation piece I tell ya!) Then she asked how old Audrey was. She got all teary eyed and said that her daughter was 3 months. It was her first week back to work and she said she's cried 4 times! Ugh. I told her that I was heading back next week and all she could say (AS SHE WAS CRYING!!) was that it was horrible. Then she excused herself so she could go cry in private. I felt so bad for her, but worse for this what I have to look forward to??

Monday, March 9, 2009

2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

Here are some pics of Miss Audrey Cate:

She LOVES her playmat! And check out her GATORIFFIC onesie :)

Pirate Audrey: "AAAARRRRRR!! Where's my bootie??"

Much better!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Audrey,

You are 10 weeks old, almost 11. I think you need to start sleeping through the night. This waking up at 1 am and then cat napping the rest of the night is unacceptable. Didn't you get the hint when I fell asleep on the floor of your bedroom while playing "Pop Out the Pacifier"? Momma needs more sleep! Momma needs sleep period. K thanks.

Love, Momma

Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 week stats

Our girl is growing nicely! She had her 2 month appointment yesterday and weighed in at 10 lbs 15 ounces (she was 8 lbs 13 oz at birth.) She is 22 3/4 inches long (up from 20 3/4.) She got 4 shots yesterday and took them like a pro! She cried as they stuck her, but as soon as dad picked her up she was fine! We gave her Tylenol right afterwards and then again 4 hours later. No fever, no fussiness, no side effects at all. She's perfect!

On the way to the doctor!

Papa was keeping her entertained while we waited.

Back in the car as if nothing happened!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


She is starting to enjoy her toys! Her play mat has a sun that lights up and plays music...she just stares at it and smiles. She also likes her mirror. Every once in awhile she'll bat at one of the overhead toys and when it makes a noise she'll look over at it. It's pretty cool to watch her explore!

I put together her excersaucer knowing that it probably was way too much for her..but I was curious to see how she liked it.

She seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes, then I got the infamous pout...

So strong!

This kid is ridiculously strong for her age. Her new favorite thing is to stand straight up when you're trying to burp her:

she starts sitting down, but it's not long until..

...she springs up to action!

And she rolled over again yesterday morning during tummy time. TWICE!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Monday!

Some fun pics to start the week...

She's starting to munch on her fists, on her arms, and whatever else is in her way!

Fun with Papa

"Throw your hands up!"

Her usual morning cuteness


She looks like such an old man, lol.

Biggest smile caught on camera so far...I love that face!!