Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer is off to a super start!

There is nothing better than spending all my time with my two little lovelies! My first full week of summer was pretty lazy, spent mostly at home due to Audrey's new interest in the potty. She's 100 % trained at home! She's even getting better with telling us she has to go...tonight she made me take her out of the bath so she could go pee :)

My SIL was in town this week with our niece and nephew. On Thursday we met Aunt Sarah & cousin Bella for lunch at Panera, then headed up to see them at Nonie's house. The girls played so well together, blowing bubbles and playing in the pool.

Abby (2 months) & cousin Ansley (3 months)

I love her arm rolls!

"This is my space!!"

Cousins! Bella, Nina, Audrey

Audrey would fill up her bottle in the pool then pour it into Nina's bottle. Then Nina would pour it all out onto the table and they'd start all over again. This kept them busy for quite awhile!!

The best picture we could get at the end of a long (napless) afternoon!

On Friday we spent the day at Grandma's. Audrey and I played in the pool. She liked floating on the large raft while I twirled her around. She also used the potty while we were there (twice!)

On Saturday Audrey and I went grocery shopping while Chris and Abby stayed home. We went to Mom Maw's house for dinner and Audrey loved playing with cousin Nina. Today was a nice day spent at home, getting things done around the house, playing, and relaxing.

One of the things I love most about summer is not having to get the girls up at such an early hour. I get up for the day when Audrey wakes up. She calls out, "Momma, Momma, Mommmmmaaaaa...." until I come get her. She eats breakfast and plays until we hear Abby. She likes to come in with me to get her.

I love watching her sleep. She looks so peaceful.

Good morning!

The best part of this picture is Audrey's little feet, lol.

Abby's "I'm stretching" face

After I took this picture I realized she was covered in poop. Yeah.

So happy!

So tired!

Sleeping on the way to Mom Maw's house. She's doing so much better at keeping her head up when she's asleep!

Tomorrow we're hitting up Grandma's house and then Pop Pop's house for the 4th. Hope everyone has a safe and restful holiday!