Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I can't wait to forget...


It was a giant suck fest. It started on Monday (of course!) I got an email from Chris saying that Audrey had ben sick and that he was taking care of her. When I got home she was relaxing on the couch. She didn't get sick the rest of the night and slept great. So Tuesday I'm at work and about mid-morning I get another email...Audrey is getting sick again! I get her from Grandma's and she definitely looks miserable. She fell asleep on the way home and about 5 minutes from the house she woke up and puked, a lot. I got her home, cleaned her up and got her settled on the couch. She was ok the rest of the night but by this point she hadn't been eating or drinking anything (and what little she did consume would come right up.) We put her to bed at regular time but she was up soon afterwards getting sick. When she would throw up she'd say, "I sorry!" Heartbreaking.

Chris spent the night on the couch while Audrey stayed in the bed with me. After just a couple of throwing up/diarrhea episodes she was fast asleep and slept all night. Meanwhile I was up at 3:00 with the same symptoms as Audrey. So gross :( Luckily I was able to sleep off and on; even better- Audrey slept until nearly 10:00! Chris worked from home and watched Audrey while I stayed in bed most of the day. By the afternoon I was still not keeping anything down and my legs were so crampy. I was pretty sure I'd be taking a trip to the ER to get fluids but really didn't want to. By dinner I was keeping down food and water. Tylenol took away the cramps but I was still very nauseated and weak.

I was surprisingly much better on Thursday morning so I went to work and was fine (just had to sit down a lot b/c I was still feeling weak.) I was supposed to have my 28w check up and 1 hr glucose test. But they scheduled me too late and while I did get checked, I have to take the glucose sometime this week. I weighed in at 139, no weight gain since last time. They're not concerned but I think that's so strange b/c I haven't had a change in my diet. My belly feels really big, I feel like I'm carrying low and for the past 2 days I've had a terrible cramping in my lower left side. I honestly don't remember all of these aches and pains the first time around!

That brings us to Friday. It was a pretty awesome day (the weather....GORGEOUS!) until I picked up Audrey. She'd had diarrhea twice that day and not a single wet diaper. The nurse's line suggested we take her to the ER so we met Chris there. She was acting perfectly fine....playing, talking, just being very well behaved. They took her temperature and wrapped some kind of bandage-looking thing that had a red light on it around her thumb (checking her oxygen levels.) We waited forever to get into a room and she was still doing great. I can't really go into detail about the rest of the visit because they're too awful and traumatic. I had no idea what we were getting into. They drew blood, catheterized her, and gave her an iv. I truly hope we never have to go through that again, with her or with any of our children. I have to say that once she had the iv in and everything was over, she was amazing. She rested and was SO good the rest of our stay. We got home around 11:00 and she slept all night, waking in the morning with a full diaper and an appetite. Our girl is back, healthy and happy.

What a week. I'm so glad it's over and done with. We are ready for warm weather and all the goodness it brings :)