Friday, February 27, 2009

When all else fails...

Audrey is NOT always an easy baby. We don't really have anything to compare her to, but she can be a real fusspot sometimes! She was very cranky one morning as I was finishing my shower. I turned my blow dryer on and watched it work its magic:

Blow Dryer calms Audrey

CLICK HERE if it doesn't show up!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 months old!

We really are blessed to have such a perfect, sweet, healthy little girl. She is getting more and more expressive and BIG! She's so strong...she's rolled over several times and holds up her head constantly, always wanting to see what's going on. It makes me sad to be going back to work in 2 weeks because I'm going to miss out on so many hours of seeing her smile, watching her sleep, playing with her...but at the same time I'm ready to go back to normal life. She LOVES going to her grandparents and I'm so relieved that she'll be in great hands everyday.

She's being held by Aunt Betty while Grandma was making her smile and talk!

Look at that pout!

Sleeping soundly on Nana

Monday, February 23, 2009

We have a diagnosis!

Seborrheic Dermatitis is what has Audrey all rashy and red-faced. It gets really bad when she rubs her face into someone's shoulder or whatever she's laying on. She gets these raised red bumps that are very hot to the touch and I just feel so bad for her! I took her to the pedi today and she said that 10% of babies get it, the cause is unknown, and it usually goes away by 4 months. There won't be any lasting effects (i.e. scars), so that's a relief. She suggested cortisone and an antibiotic ointment. Plus we're going to use corn starch to prevent itchiness. She has her 2 month pictures tomorrow so hopefully we can keep her face as clear as possible...hmmm...can they airbrush at a portrait studio? :)

"Seborrheic Dermatitis isn't going to keep ME down!"

C is for Cookie...

Chris does a fantastic Cookie Monster impression which I found out about one night as we were reading her a story told by CM. So when we saw the puppet at Target we had to pick him up!

"Say hello to my little friend!"

"nom nom nom..."

"Don't even think about getting in my tub C Man."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bag Rave

I saw this Petunia Pickle Bottom bag at TJ Maxx for $50 and was totally impressed. I had been looking for a messenger-type bag so that it would be easier to carry with Audrey in my arms. It attaches to the Stokke, I can carry it like a backpack and it's very roomy. Plus I love the pattern:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh Noes!

Poor Audrey Cakes! I laid her down for a nap on our bed (as usual.) She kept picking up her head and turning it from side to side (she was on her belly) so I knew she wasn't quite ready for sleep. I picked her up and couldn't believe what I saw!

Audrey: "Aw, it's bad isn't it?"

A terrible rash. It must be from our down comforter, but this is a new development b/c she's been napping on it everyday for weeks! Anyways, a couple hours later it got much better, just some blotchiness on her forehead:

I can tell what she's thinking..."Uh, I'm better, ok Ma?"

The nurse said to go ahead and bring her in but it looks so much better I'm not sure if I will. I guess it depends on what she looks like in the morning. Her skin is kind of dry so I might pick up some baby Aveeno. Do they make Proactive for babies? :)

She's a morning person

Christopher's favorite time with Audrey is in the morning because as soon as she's unswaddled and changed she's all smiles (and I love the extra hour of sleep!) He had to be at work early today so I did the honors and it was cuteness galore!

I think she's trying to wink like her momma:

Hi Momma!

Throwing up gang signs...

We did have a pouty moment:

And just for fun, this is Audrey and Dad when he got home last night:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Valentine's Day

We had a great day! Most of it was spent with family at Aunt B's baby shower which was a blast. She wore her prettiest outfit, courtesy of Miss Marisol:

I love my pretty Auntie M!

I'm even warming up to Uncle Ryan!

But Dad is my #1 guy...

...he just gets me!

Family picture:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some photos to start the week!

Audrey, getting her groove on in the Boppy Bouncer:

Silly Audrey:

Still unsure of the Bumbo:


Sleepy in the Stokke:

Is nap time over? Ma?

Ecstatic Audrey:

I can cross my eyes and freak out my parents!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been 6 weeks?

Time has really flown by. I had my 6 week pp check up today and everything looks good. Everyone at the office just loved Audrey and kept saying what a beautiful baby she is. I only have about 5 weeks with her before I go back to work. I have such mixed feelings about that!

She's doing so well. Pretty much STTN. We do her bedtime routine and Chris puts her down around 9:30 ish. She's been sleeping until 3:00 and goes back down around 4:00, then sleeps until 7:00. It's pretty fantastic. I love this picture, her shirt says it all:

Maybe I should make one that says, "Sleeps Through the Night" :)

She rolled over again a few nights ago during tummy time. We were on the floor in her bedroom and of course she only did it once, but we were so excited! I really need to keep my camera nearby.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

She rolled over!!

Audrey rolls over!

We were having tummy time at Grandma's house and were just amazed at how much she could lift herself up...then all of a sudden she turned herself over! I grabbed my camera thinking that she'd never do it again, but sure enough she did! Then we tried it on the floor and she did it again, but it was too fast for me to catch on video. I can't wait to try it again with her. I'm sure it was just a fluke thing, but hilarious nonetheless!