Monday, January 26, 2009

One Month Old!

It's been a whole month since Audrey was welcomed into the world and it's been the craziest month of our lives! Lots of adjusting, lots of joy, and a million other emotions :) She had her 1 month check up today and weighs 9 lbs 12 oz...big girl! The pediatrician was so impressed with how alert she was. When she laid Audrey on her tummy, Audrey lifted her head way up high and looked all around...Dr. C was amazed and told all the nurses, "She's already lifting her head way up!" I was a very proud mama :) She got her Hep B shot and took it like a pro. On March 4th we go for her 2 month shots which I'm already dreading :(

We started a bedtime routine and "strictly business" feedings during the night. It has really helped get everyone on somewhat of a schedule. She slept straight through from 1 am- 7 am this morning! I felt so bad that I didn't wake her to feed to get changed, but I slept straight through as well :) I hope we continue to have good nights like this!