Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Anne!

...and I might be crying just a little bit :(

Chris says that he's terribly sad she is our last baby. I have to agree. It just goes by so fast! And she's so amazing!! How could we not want 10 more?!?

It's been an incredible year. She was the best surprise. I pretty much knew all along that there would be a third daughter to complete our family. I feel blessed beyond words!

I fell in love with her immediately,and so did her big sisters. My favorite part of this past year has been watching them grow together. Their love for her is very apparent. She entertains them and they are the BEST big sisters (Oh, Abigail- you have impressed us so much!!!!)

Annie is such a happy baby. I adore her huge grin, and the scrunchy face she gets when she's excited. She's very vocal, so I'm sure we'll have another talker on our hands :)

She can stand up by herself, but she doesn't do it very often. She takes one step then immediately falls. She's gotten very good at cruising. She actually loves to just dive straight at me when she's standing, lol. She nods yes and shakes her head no. She waves and gives kisses. She mimics sounds and movements. She loves to dance!

She's a chunky thing! Big thighs, round belly, squishy cheeks. I cannot kiss her or squeeze her enough! She has the cheesiest, dorkiest smile.

Several teeth are coming in at once. She's doing very well, considering! Sleeps all night, takes two long naps during the day. I adore how she sleeps- on her belly, feet and arms tucked under with her butt straight up in the air. We've been SO lucky in the sleep department- smooth bedtime routines and they all sleep beautifully in their own beds!

Such a sweet face!

Dad picked out a musical instrument ensemble. Audrey immediately declared that there would be a musical performance! I have no doubt that will be carried out soon.

Just an awesome big sister!!


Since I have to work late tonight, we celebrated her birthday last night. Chris made dinner and bought her gifts and a cake (our oven broke!) Annie had skipped her afternoon nap, so she was SO overtired...but she had a great time regardless! We ate, sang Happy Birthday, and had cake. She had a quick bath and opened presents with her sisters (well, they opened them and played with them. Anne was pretty much done after her bath!) In fact, Abby took the flashlight toy to bed with her, and Audrey brought Hallie Hippo with her! Sheesh ;)

Annie had her bottle and went straight to bed. I held her for awhile before putting her down, thinking back to where we were at that time last year. I'd had my water broken and things progressed nicely from there- not too fast, thankfully! She has the most boring birth story, but we were prepared and that's what I had wanted the most! I remember feeling very calm throughout the entire labor and delivery. I very clearly remember the look on Chris's face and the sheer joy in his voice when he said it was a girl. I cried and laughed...I will always remember that!

Celebrating last night felt right. She was born at 12:16 am on the 25th, but it felt like her real birthday yesterday, lol. This morning I got to hang out with her and I felt totally fine with going into work later (and staying later.) We'll have her party on Sunday!

This past year has been amazing for our family. Annie completes us. Our 3 girls are everything and we feel incredibly blessed. Happy Birthday, sweet Annie!