Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's a BOY!

My sister is having a boy! The reveal party was last night and it was the coolest way to find out!

They found out a couple of weeks go (the ultrasound tech wrote it in a card) and they kept it a secret. His name is Jameson Phoenix. I *adore* and *love* his name! I am so excited to have a boy baby in the family...first grandson :) Almost makes me want to find out if he'll have a boy cousin or girl cousin, lol.

Congrats to my sister and BIL...let the shopping for blue begin!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

20-21 weeks and Abigail's 2nd Birthday Party

Halfway!!!!!! Yikes.

I just cannot believe it. We found out in February that we were pregnant. Where did March and April go?! How are there only 16 days left of school?!

There's so much to do- the nursery is not even close to being a nursery. We are researching minivans (really), and I still don't know where I want Audrey to go to school next year (if at all.) I need every bit of this summer to knock out my to-do list!

I got to see BB on Tuesday. I went for my fetal echo and took Audrey with me. She was a hit. The sonographer just loved her. We weren't even supposed to look at the baby, just the heart. But at the very end she said she just couldn't help it. We got some amazing pics!

Chris and my dad both said the baby looks like Audrey :) I'm getting the girl clothes out and washed!

The doctor saw a very tiny leakage in one of the valves- she said it was absolutely NOT a concern. She explained that with their machines being as good as they are, it's very easy to see the smallest things. She did recommend that the baby have an echo when he/she is born. Otherwise, she is not at all worried. We get to see BB again at my growth scan in July!

Abby's party was great! We had just a handful of people, which was nice because I got to spend more time relaxing and socializing. The colors were pink and orange. I nearly killed myself between Friday night and Saturday getting everything done, but it was all worth it. I was so sore after the party! Sunday was an amazing day of rest :)

Audrey had recital pictures on Saturday. She's the sweetest little ballerina, I swear! Her recital is next month and I cannot wait to see how she does. I love watching her class practice- they are beyond adorable!

We finally have roses!

I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend. We're so close to the end of the school year and the next 4 weeks are going to fly by!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

19 weeks & Mother's Day

Look at that baby! I'm in love already! And I think he/she is SOOOOO cute!

I had my growth scan last Friday afternoon. I weighed in at 135 and BP was great. The ultrasound tech (who I've had previously) was AMAZING. So sweet and talkative. She spent a long time getting all the correct measurements. When she switched to 3D, it almost took my breath away! First, I was not expecting it. Second....seeing, I mean really seeing your baby's face for the first time like that is incredible! The tech tech referred to "baby" the whole time, so no slips :)

Baby weighs 10 ounces (perfect!) and has all parts. The doctor said my numbers look great, even with a few high ones every now and then (girl has to splurge every now and then!) My placenta wasn't very visible on the u/s, so they did do a transvaginal and they fully expect it to "migrate" as I progress. I go back on Tuesday for a fetal echo, then another growth ultrasound in July. This pregnancy is going by way too fast! I hope the Summer drags. My new EDD is just one day later- Oct 3rd. But I'm still very certain this will be a September baby!

The baby moves a lot now. I love laying still in the morning and feeling him/her move. He/she always comes awake when I read aloud to my kids. It's the coolest feeling!

On Sunday morning Audrey gave me my Mother's Day card. When the Starbucks gift card fell out, she said, "Are you going to get coffee mocha?" LOL- I take her to Starbucks waaaay too much apparently :) I told her, "I love being your mom!" She said, "I love being your children." :)

We went to lunch with Nana and my brothers and sister. Then we went to Grandma's for a cookout. Audrey loved seeing everyone, especially playing with her friends and cousins!

I got to spend time in Audrey's classroom on Monday. She served me muffins and lemonade. Then we read books together. I had to guess which Mommy drawing was hers (I picked hers out easily!) At circle time we danced, sang, and read a story. Then she made me a beautiful necklace (that I wore all day and will keep forever!) and a flower. I loved every minute of our special morning!

It's no secret that I love being a mom. Everyday I thank my lucky stars to be blessed with 2 amazing children. My heart is full!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Boy or Girl?

That's the big question. I briefly considered finding out this time, just to have that experience. But the fist two times were a surprise and just too amazing. And not just the birth- the entire pregnancy was a huge anticipation. So we're definitely going to be surprised again!

What's funny to me is that so many people ask if we want it to be a boy this time. Not really! I mean, we definitely weren't trying for this one, in fact, we were very happy with just the two girls. We already have my nephew to carry on the family name (and maybe another on the way!) And who knows, one of our girls might end up keeping the Burns name like my SIL did. The way I see it, it's just a name. Our grandkids will still be our grandkids and carry on our heritage no matter what the last name. So, in short, no, we really don't prefer a boy.

In fact, for awhile I was pretty scared this would end up being a boy. What do I know about boys? Aren't you supposed to be tougher with them? Take them mud-bogging and fishing and hunting? That's not at all how I am with the girls. I smother them with kisses and I'm super lovey-dovey with them. I constantly feed their little egos. If I did that with a boy, would he end up being a Momma's Boy? Lol. See- I have NO CLUE about boys. I am a girly-girl myself...give me lace, pearls, and pink any day! I am counting on my friends with boys to help me out big time!

Then a good friend of mine brought up a great point- Scott (in fact, she was one of his teachers!) I was 15 when he was born, so I have a good memory of how we all treated him, of how he was raised. I remember doting on him and giving him lots of hugs and kisses (he was SUCH an affectionate kid!) Once I thought about it, he wasn't raised any differently than my girls. He's almost 18 now and such an amazing guy...funny, kind, responsible, selfless. Maybe having a boy wouldn't be so scary after all.

However, I think we're having another girl, lol. It's not that I feel or look any differently, but when I see our future, I see us with a trio of beautiful little girls. I could be wrong, of course, but that's what my Mother's Intuition tells me! Only time will tell, but I'm so, SO excited that we're not finding out. There is nothing like the mounting anticipation of the weeks, days, hours, MINUTES, SECONDS before delivery. There's just nothing like it, and I know in my heart that whether it's a boy or girl- this baby was made just for us!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Abby! And 17, 18 weeks!

Yesterday was Abigail's birthday. We did a lot of celebrating all weekend, though!

On Friday she had cake and presents at Grandma's house.

She is so good at singing "Happy Birthday" :)

On Saturday we had dinner, cake, and presents at Mom Maw's house.

We all woke her up this morning by singing "Happy Birthday." She loved it :)

I remember 2 years ago I was just staring at the beautiful little newborn with dark (!) hair and felt amazed by the love I had for her.

Our love for her just grows and grows. We did presents and cake when Chris got home. Such a sweet little celebration!

She went from happy to mad in .02 seconds when Audrey picked up the broom. LOL, REALLY?!

Aaaaaaaand back to happy!

"I want that!"

Oh, Audrey :)

Dad cleaned her all up, then dipped her face in the cake. It was hilarious!

Baby News:

I felt fluttering for the first time a couple weeks ago when I had the stomach virus. I will never, ever get over how incredible it feels (the movements, not the stomach virus.) And the fact that the movements just intensify is beyond describable. I love wondering if it's a little boy or girl in there :) I'm feeling movements much more frequently now, and Chris got to feel too just a few days ago.

I feel pretty awesome. Although my boobs feel like lead balloons. Going braless is just not an option for me anymore. And the past few days I've had some tightening/cramping. I think it's just my body stretching!

17 weeks

POP! 18 weeks!

I'm up to 22 units of insulin a day, weighed in at 135 last week and heard the heartbeat (150, I think?) I have an appointment with the peri on Friday to look at the heart and then on the 21st there's the Big U/S. I'm loving this time!