Monday, April 30, 2012

Abigail is ONE!

The day that Abigail was born was one of the best days of my life. I remember the overwhelming feeling of love when they said it was a girl and they let me hold her for the first time. She nursed for the longest time and then she got to meet her big sister. Audrey seemed very confused, lol. I know it was a lot for her to take in. I remember scarfing down pancakes as soon as Abigail was taken to the nursery- and then immediately feeling nauseous afterwards. I was taken to my recovery room where it dark, quiet, and so peaceful. I got to sleep for hours (and I'm pretty sure I feel asleep with a big goofy smile on my face!) That afternoon I got to spend time with Abby and we had a bunch of visitors. I was just so happy. The rest of the hospital stay was great. Abby and I were so well taken care of. She went into the nursery both nights and I took advantage of uninterrupted sleep. Fast forward a year later and I feel so very blessed. Our sweet little cuddly baby is one! She's starting to walk and talk. She has a bright, beautiful smile and big blue eyes. I am so in love with her. Happy Birthday, Sunshine! Here's what's going on with Abigail: she's into everything! She doesn't seem to have a favorite toy, she just likes to tear things apart, lol. She has so many teeth, I've lost count. Her gums seem to be (severely) swollen all over the place but she's handing it like a pro! She takes two naps a day and sleeps all night long. She JUST started giving real kisses this week (awwww!!) She is still eating well (although she is starting to turn down a few foods like green beans.) I feel like she is very smart. The way she mimics is pretty incredible; for instance, if you give her a wipe she'll try wiping her own bottom. It seems like she's very in-tune with everything that goes on. If I had to predict what the girls will be like based on their personalities now, I think Audrey will be my free-spirited, more imaginative one and Abigail will be the more inquisitive, analytical, and serious one. It'll be interesting to find out! I spent the morning taking her 12 month pictures and getting things ready for her party. I decided on a cherry blossom theme because they are in season, beautiful, and Miss Abigail herself is our sweet Spring blossom :) Most everyone we invited was able to attend, so we had a full house! Sharing some pizza with Dad Audrey had fun destroying her room ...and jumping on the bed! She didn't mind getting passed around! She didn't really eat her cake! Just liked playing with it, lol. Happy Birthday, Abigail!