Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 5: Framing begins!

I took the girls to see the house on Sunday before we headed to the pool. Chris met us there so I was able to go up and get a good look at the foundation.

Garage pad

Chris sent these pics on Thursday:

Garage side of the house, laundry room window, playroom window. That ginormous wall straight ahead will be where the stairs are!

This is Chris's favorite pic...the back of the house. From left to right: playroom windows, kitchen door, kitchen eat-in windows, living room windows.

Left side of the room windows, powder room window, basement window, top of the stairs window.

I was surprised! I was expecting for them to frame the basement walls, then work their way up to the first floor. Chris said that they put up the outer structural walls first and work on the flooring system (I believe the word "joists" was used.)

I was even more surprised by the pics he took on Friday! Interior walls, ya'll!

I love being able to see where the doors and windows are! It will be so cool to see it all framed and under roof!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week 4 update

Later yesterday Chris was able to get up close and take some pics:

Back of the basement and backyard

Looking down into the rec room part of the basement

Looking at the driveway & garage. I wish I could get there to see it in person!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 4: backfill, rough grade, & slab

Progress this week! It was exciting to see what the yard will look like. Chris took all 3 ladies to soccer on Tuesday since I had a meeting. They sent me this picture:

On Thursday morning he called and said that our slab would be delayed a few days due to the rain...however, the rain held off and they were able to do it after all! He went to check it out this morning but couldn't get onto the property to take a picture because it was so muddy from last night's rain. Framing begins Monday!

We made a ton of progress here at home. Chris cleaned out his closet and we got 90% of the basement done! We filled the dumpster and had no room for the BIG stuff we're getting rid of. So they picked it up and dropped off a new one on Thursday. The girls sat on the porch and watched it get delivered :)

We're coming up on my last week of Summer (wow!) I definitely plan on going to see the house myself more often since I'll be in the area. November seems so far away :(

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 3: Footers+Foundation

Monday they did the footers...I like how Chris explained it to Audrey..."We have feet to support our body. These help support the walls in our house." :) I have to admit, I didn't understand footers until I heard that, lol.

Change: On Tuesday Chris got a call about our rec room window. He eventually decided to take it out completely (it would have needed a window well, which I don't like at all) and do a better window by the stairs. I learned the difference between a den and rec room. The den is what *I* consider the 5th bedroom in the basement (it has a bathroom! And a closet! It seriously looks like a bedroom.) Chris explained that our drain field is for a four bedroom home. Or something like that.

On Tuesday we got a ton of moving boxes from Grandma & Grandpa who saved them from their move from Texas. We packed up as much of the TV/media stuff as we could. Chris made a trip to the dump. On Wednesday we spent the morning purging and packing the kitchen and Chris made a run to Goodwill. I'm definitely more motivated with him around! The foundation walls were poured.

On Thursday I worked on my closet, which has a million different things...home decor, thousands of photos, picture frames, memory boxes, school boxes, etc. I filled 3 boxes of picture frames for Goodwill and was able to pack some boxes for the move. The dumpster arrived at the end of the day. I threw out the glider we've had since Audrey was born (it was falling apart!) But I rocked Audrey and Abigail in it one more time, lol.

On Friday the girls and I took a break and had a pool day :) Chris took these pics...

This is the side of the house. Towards the back is our rec room window.

Front of the house. Curious to see how they backfill...we don't want rails!

View from the garage...that's a lot of dirt to fill in! Straight ahead is the rec room window, off to the right is the door for our walk-out.

Chris was standing "in" the house! This is a view of the den window, which will have a window well.

Groundworks was completed on Friday. Next up is pouring the slabs and then backfill. I'm really excited to see all of that done. We'll get to see what our yard will look like! And after all that they will begin framing! Woo hoo!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

All clear!

This is what I've been excited to see...the lot completely cleared and a hole in the ground :)

Chris sent these yesterday evening. He's super impressed with the job this crew did.

Foundation will start on Monday and framing should be completed right as I go back to school. Once school starts I know that time is going to fly by!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Beach Beauties

My favorite girls. My favorite place. Perfection :)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lot is clear!

I took the girls to see our home site on Saturday. We went around 10:00 and they were actively removing trees. We went again at 5:00 and they were done! It was so cool to see it completely cleared.

I'm really excited about our drain field. It's set behind a few trees and looks like a cool place for the girls to run around, have picnics, etc. Chris has been sending me pictures all week, but I loved seeing it for myself. I could really visualize where the driveway was going to be and how big our yard is (we have 2 acres but we're not clearing very much!)

We also got to meet our neighbors across the street. They had just signed their contract with Chris and came by to check out their lot :)

Can't wait to see next week's progress!