Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 5: Framing begins!

I took the girls to see the house on Sunday before we headed to the pool. Chris met us there so I was able to go up and get a good look at the foundation.

Garage pad

Chris sent these pics on Thursday:

Garage side of the house, laundry room window, playroom window. That ginormous wall straight ahead will be where the stairs are!

This is Chris's favorite pic...the back of the house. From left to right: playroom windows, kitchen door, kitchen eat-in windows, living room windows.

Left side of the room windows, powder room window, basement window, top of the stairs window.

I was surprised! I was expecting for them to frame the basement walls, then work their way up to the first floor. Chris said that they put up the outer structural walls first and work on the flooring system (I believe the word "joists" was used.)

I was even more surprised by the pics he took on Friday! Interior walls, ya'll!

I love being able to see where the doors and windows are! It will be so cool to see it all framed and under roof!