Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sweet Valentines

These girls make my heart so happy.

We had an awesome 4 day weekend thanks to President's Day AND a snow day. It was great to be holed up at home with zero plans.

Audrey earned a wonderful report card. So proud of that girl, I really love seeing her thrive. She still loves snuggle time with her momma :) She's doing much better sleeping in her own room and we've been letting her stay up later (8:00.) She says she feels much better when I'm upstairs as she's falling asleep. A couple times a week she'll fall asleep in bed with me and then Chris moves her when he comes to bed. I love that I get special one-on-one time with her every night when the littlest girls are fast asleep...

Abigail is my earliest riser and she comes down to snuggle with me on the couch every morning. I LOVE this one-on-one time with HER. I could just eat her up! She loves to read and write. She reads familiar books to me at bedtime, and to her baby dolls as well. She writes notes for Audrey's lunch box and asks me to bring home papers from Kindergarten for her to work on. She and Audrey "do work" when they play together, which consists of Audrey teaching Abby math, reading, and writing. Those girls!! When I pick her up from school, her teachers say, "She is SOOO fun to hang out with!" And she really has been amazing to see her thrive socially. I watch her hug her friends as she leaves (she especially loves Lyla and Jason!) and it makes me so happy :)

Anne is such a clown. She is just so goofy! She can also be sassy if her older sisters are getting on her nerves, which is 90% of the time. She's very independent; when her big sisters are "working", she is completely fine doing her own thing. This is when I get my alone time with her, as well as before bed (she's the first one down and the last one up!)

I love them more than words can say.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our House: Living Room

Oh how I love this room!!

When we were going over our options, Chris was dead set against having a fireplace (for several reasons.) I was bummed- I grew up with a fireplace and I loved laying next to it after a long day of sledding and playing in the snow. I also wanted a mantel I could decorate!

He wouldn't budge and so no fireplace for us :( However, I am completely in love with our credenza! Originally we had planned to hang the tv but we really like the way it looks now (and I don't have to decorate the top!) As much as I thought I'd want a mantel to decorate, I'm kind of glad we don't have one...I'm way too indecisive and it would probably just be bare.

I had been staring at the blank wall across from the couch for weeks. I couldn't decide what to hang, and for me it was between two choices...a gallery wall or a 3x3 array of large white picture frames. I had already started gathering items for a gallery wall and I had another space in mind for the photo frame idea, so one morning I just picked up a hammer and started. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! In the old house our tv wall stayed bare because I could not decide on how to decorate it. This time I was determined to NOT wait years to decide on something!

To do:

-style the credenza shelves

-hang more curtains on the big windows (the guys left out 2 panels for some reason?!)

-purchase the chair and a half for in front of the gallery wall

-buy a floor lamp or a small table & lamp to go with the chair and a half

-should we hang something above the tv?

-drill a hole in the small table and feed the lamp cord through

-possibly put a console table or something under the two mirrors

View from the kitchen

I love sitting here early in the morning with my coffee until Miss Abby comes down to snuggle with me. We can see the beautiful sunrise out of the side windows. The large picture window is my favorite! There is so much natural light that comes through, even on cloudy days I have to close the curtains, lol.

This room quickly came together and I really love it. It's so colorful- a complete switch from the boring beige of the old house. I'm hoping to carry out the colorful scheme throughout the first floor.