Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 13: tile and cabinets

A lot was done this week in addition to the tile and cabinets: drain field and well, sidewalk, patio, metal roof, closet shelving, measuring for countertops, garage door & openers.

I went by TWICE this week because I was so excited about the cabinets! They arrived on Monday and Chris was school-girl giddy about them, lol. He asked me to go over after school on Tuesday to get pictures. He said that he was SO glad I pushed for the white kitchen. He picked the gray island, and I LOVE IT! I absolutely love the pulls that he picked, too. I am really looking forward to seeing the countertops and backsplash.

powder room

master bathroom

Anne's bathroom

Audrey & Abby's bathroom

On Tuesday he only had Abby so they spent the day together and he took her to see the house first thing. She got to see her room and she's so excited. He picked up Audrey early from school on Wednesday (she had a slight fever, wasn't feeling so great), and he took her by, too. She got to see everything plus how they dug the well. She was fascinated :) I hope the girls can appreciate how much work goes into building a home. We're the first house on our street. I'm excited for them to see the other houses being built over the next few months.

Thursday afternoon

Pocket office, easily one of my favorite features of the house!

Master shower

Next up is wood flooring, countertops, appliances, electrical and plumbing finals, and driveway. Whoa!! Chris is meeting with a landscaper this morning...I'm giving him free reign over that project! Busy week for sure!

Only 5 more weekends in this house after today! Mixed bag of emotions all up in here. Luckily I just don't have much time to dwell on being sad and sentimental. And "home" is wherever I am with Chris and our girls :)