Friday, May 21, 2010


My Mother's Day gift was landscaping for the front yard. I call this "Phase 1." Chris has a grand idea of what the end result will be and it includes some kind of rock wall, which is where I get lost. All I know is that I love the way it looks now...the two dwarf trees, the gorgeous rose bushes and day lilies! My absolute favorite plant hasn't bloomed yet though...the hydrangea bushes. I can't wait for those. We have 2 right next to the porch stairs. I took some pictures today:

I don't have any close-ups of the yellow lilies because there weren't any in full bloom today. I had taken a bunch yesterday but when I came in to upload them, they had vanished from my camera :( There was a super cute pic of Audrey trying to eat one of the lilies. Bummer!

Audrey loves being outside. She especially likes climbing the stairs, then going back down.

She's shown a real interest in balls lately.

I just love her laughing smile!

I took the day off since we had originally planned to go to WVA for a family reunion. But Chris has to work tomorrow and I had already scheduled my Dr appt so I spent the day with sweet Audrey Cate. The weather was so lovely and a great reminder that summer break is 4 short weeks away!