Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

Check out these beautiful babies just one year ago:

Audrey (3 months) and cousin Isabella (2 1/2 months). All we did was prop them up on a blanket and they were good to go! Fast forward a year later and you have 2 very clingy, stressed out toddlers. I'm not sure why, but they wanted NOTHING to do with having their picture taken. We didn't even get one of them together in their dresses to compare with last year :( We did however, get a couple of cute pics with cousin Skylar (who is 5w older than Audrey.)

Here's Audrey last March (3 months):

And now!

Some Easter dress shots:

I didn't LOVE any of the shots, so we did our own shoot outside at home a few days later. I'll save those for another post!