Sunday, September 21, 2014


Abigail has a rough time at school when we drop her off. She gets so sad, almost in tears. She gets very clingy when we pull in, wanting to hide behind us or have us carry her in. We sit her down in the common area where they have tables set up with different activities (the Computer Lab is also open, and she can eat breakfast.) We get her busy with an activity, but she still gets upset when it's time to say goodbye :(

I call to check on her during the day, and her teachers say that she's sad for a few minutes, but then is completely fine the rest of the day. Abigail tells me that her teachers always cheer her up :) She says that she likes school, but that her day is too long (she's right, by the way!) I think she'd love going to school much more if she weren't there ALL day (and thank goodness it's only for 3 days!) I had a feeling that was going to be an issue. But this school is pretty unique for the fact that the kids rotate classrooms. They travel in their small groups to gym, science, language arts, communications, art, math, creative play, outside recess, home living and computers. She has 2 snacks, lunch, & she actually sleeps during nap time. I know that socially and academically this is a terrific place for her. I just hate to LEAVE her when she feels sad, it's the worst :( I do take comfort in the fact that it's not that she doesn't like school- it's just that she'd rather be at Grandma's, lol.

She started dance class. Again, she is SO hesitant and flat out refuses to walk in. She seems scared. But as soon as she goes in (I LOVINGLY push her in and shut the door!)- AMAZING! She follows directions, she turns and waves at me through the window, she follows along...I am so proud of her. So apparently it just takes her awhile to warm up in social situations. The initial separation is tough on her. So far we've had three classes. At the end of each class she is all smiles, runs out absolutely BEAMING. She said she was excited to go back next week. Yeah, we'll see!! ;)

Annie has had great days, not much going on with her :) I love seeing her in the morning before work. There were a few days I only saw her for an hour afterwards because she napped early and was SO ready for bed. As much as I wish I could hold her all night, her sleep schedule is important, so we'll continue to follow her lead.

Our after school routine is pretty consistent! We get home and I love on Annie for a bit. I get everything unpacked and check backpacks while the girls play. I make the girls dinner, unless it's Chris's day off- then he has dinner ready shortly after we get home. If it's just me and the girls then Chris and I eat later. I don't stress about it- if I can make dinner, I do. If not, I know that he'll come home and take care of it so I can just enjoy the girls. Between 6:30-7:30 we are taking baths, getting into our pajamas and brushing our teeth. They choose between having some TV time or quiet time. Then it's story time! We read in Abby's room first, and she goes to bed. I read again with Audrey (she's been reading to me!) and she goes to bed. Annie goes to bed anywhere from 7-8, depending on her last nap (and her mood!)

I get things prepared for the next day, do a bit of schoolwork, and I'm in bed by 8:30...crashed by 9! I have so much on my plate (we all do!) that I have to keep reminding myself that this is how it is at the beginning of every school year. It slows down a bit in October, and before I know it, it'll be Thanksgiving Break!

I'm having my first bout of Mommy guilt :( Annie's birthday is on Thursday, and so is our Back to School Night. While I know that Annie will not care about, nor remember, her first birthday, I do and I will. There's no way I'm not seeing her on her birthday! So we're celebrating on Wednesday evening with cake and presents. Seriously...a mere 16 minutes earlier and she would have been born on the 24th anyways! I'm taking off Thursday morning to spend some quality time with her. I feel much better about the situation, but I'm definitely missing my flexible SAHM schedule, lol.