Saturday, December 13, 2014

Date Night is out...

Date Day is the way to go, ya'll!

We took Friday off to get our Christmas stuff done. Anne stayed home and we took the girls to school. Nothing like freedom for an ENTIRE day!

We got the van washed and vacuumed. We shopped without distractions or disruptions. We had the most amazing lunch at Firebirds- a big 'ol rib-eye with french fries, a Cosmopolitan, and of course chocolate mousse for dessert :) It was amazing to sit and enjoy a relaxing meal with my awesome husband!

We did more shopping after lunch and then it was time to pick up the girls. The day just flew by, but we got a lot done. More importantly, we enjoyed each other's company and got a little break :)

Date Day is happening again, but we're not waiting a whole year!