Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The spotting has stopped! I'm 80% convinced everything is fine. I've  been feeling good this week. As soon as I get up I eat a bagel and don't  have the queasiness I was experiencing last week. I bought a bunch of  food to snack on during the day. I definitely feel like I'm hungry more  often. I hope morning sickness stays away, but after the bleeding on  Sunday I'd probably welcome it!  I have an appt today but it's at 3:10 in F'burg which I won't be able  to make. Besides, if there's something wrong I couldn't handle it right  now. I'd rather give myself a week to mentally prepare. As long as I  don't bleed or feel bad, I'll be waiting it out until next Tuesday.

Feeling better!

Written on Monday, 5/19 at work:

The bright red turned into brown last night. I feel crampy today so I  took some Tylenol.  The nurse at my doctor's office told me to go to the ER since they couldn't  see me today at 3:30. I think I'm just going to wait it out. Our next  appt is next Tuesday. If I feel worse, or the spotting continues, then  I'll probably try to get in earlier. But if something is happening, I  can't help it now, so I might as well wait.