Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Operation Deswaddle

Operation Deswaddle has been very successful! We went cold turkey on Friday night. Abigail slept beautifully until 3 am when I walked in to find her wide awake and laughing. Into the co-sleeper she went, where she stayed awake until 5 am (even after many cycles of the sea horse!)...slept on and off until 6 am when Chris said to just bring her into the bed. She finally fell into a good, solid sleep until 8:00. Thankfully Chris got up with Audrey so I got to sleep in, too!

On Saturday night she slept better; only a couple of short-lived wakings that called for a paci. I think I brought her into the co-sleeper around 6 and luckily she fell back to sleep. Slept til about 8:00. Sunday night I think I only had to go in once or twice to give her the paci and she woke up at about 6 am which was perfect! Last night she slept straight through. I didn't have to go in at all!

Overall I feel like deswaddling has been an easy transition! It's more difficult to get her back to sleep when she wakes so early, but I'm hoping that will phase out shortly :)