Monday, May 9, 2011

Abigail Mae

11 days into this and Abigail is such a joy! She sleeps all day (usually needs to be woken for feedings) and is up about every 2 hours at night. Lucky she goes right to sleep after the nighttime feedings. I put her in the bouncer while I pump then back into the co-sleeper when I'm done. We keep her swaddled tight and lay her on her side (eventually she ends up on her back.)

During the day she goes back and forth between the bouncer and swing and my arms. Loud noises do not bother her (she sleeps through all of Audrey's singing and banging around.) She's eating 3 oz every 2-3 hours. I started freezing milk yesterday because I have so much in the fridge! My goal is to keep pumping through the summer. We'll see what the new school year brings.

Her umbilical cord is hanging by a thread and will probably come off within the next day or two. Just in time for her newborn pics which are Thursday. I cannot wait- my friend Stacy is coming to do them and I know they're going to be amazing. She came down for Audrey's 2 year pics...I'm praying for nice weather so we can get some outdoor shots. As soon as those are edited and I can order birth announcements!

Her little head will NOT stay up in her car seat! I can't wait for her to get better control.

Abby on Mother's Day 5/8/11

There are those pretty eyes!

She gives Dad the biggest smiles!

This time around I feel like I'm enjoying the newborn phase more. I'm not sure what it is; maybe because I already know what to expect...Soon we'll be coming up on the colic phase and I'll be singing a different tune. But for now Abigail is a sweet angel and we just adore her so much!