Saturday, December 4, 2010


First, Baby Burns!

Today I am 18 weeks. I had the quad screen done yesterday and scheduled the big u/s for 12/21. I've been having severe pain in my tailbone. On Thursday I could barely stand it...getting up and sitting down hurt so badly. Luckily the pain has subsided...Dr K. isn't sure what the cause is but he wrote me a rx in case it comes back and recommended a maternity support belt (since I'm already feeling pressure.)

I'm starting to feel small kicks and jabs, specially when I lay down at night. This is my absolute favorite part about being pregnant! BB has a nice heartbeat in the 160s and we're so excited to see him/her in a couple of weeks :) I just realized I never posted the very first sonogram picture:

And here's the bump:

I'm at the awkward phase where my maternity clothes make me look huge but none of my regular clothes fit! I weighed in at 134, so that's about a 6 lb weight gain. I'm sure the 34 will be soon to follow...

This morning we were supposed to have Audrey's 2 year pictures done...but on Thursday she came down with a cold and she still has a very runny nose. My good friend Stacy will be coming in a few weeks to take them. Check out her blog here: Stacy Hart One More for Love.

Her room is pretty much done! I love how it came out and I think she will enjoy it for years to come...

Not sure why this one became so blurry when it uploaded! She loves the "A" on the wall

Her room being done is a huge weight lifted...because there are so many other things to do! Design and send holiday cards, pictures with Santa, Audrey's 2 year slideshow, shopping & wrapping...I'm feeling motivated and checking the extended weather forecast for a snow day or two before the winter break!