Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 14: counters, backsplash

The kitchen turned out to be just as beautiful as I imagined. The mix of gray and white looks so classic and fresh. Chris chose gray cabinets for the pocket office and I'm really loving how it looks with the countertop! I did ask for the under cabinet lights and I'm glad I did- they are so cool!

The appliances are there. The induction cooktop and hood look great. The microwave had a dent so it's going back. I wonder what we'll cook first?

They were starting to lay the hardwood when I was there on Friday, and they'll work on the stairs this weekend. Next week they'll install the carpet, pave the driveway, and lay sod.

It will pretty much be done. Whoa.

Chris hired the movers. It's starting to get really real. I'm not even stressed, I'm excited. I love packing and planning.

We got a bunch of stuff for the house this week. I ordered a new Christmas tree (that bad boy is going up ASAP!) Our bedding arrived. Chris ordered me a robe hook ("Merry Christmas!" he said, lol!!) I picked up our living room curtains, a table lamp, a couple of decorative mirrors. Chris bought a TV so we can put our current one in the basement.

I still need to order a bed for Audrey. Abby will get Audrey's current bed and Anne will get Abigail's bed but we'll put the railing back on so she can kick it crib style for awhile longer (until she's 5 ;))

This week was hellish as far as our commute. Every damn day there was a traffic issue that either had me late to work (walking in 5 minutes before my babies!) or getting home late. I am so over it. I tried to give myself and the girls a perspective check, though; better to be stuck in traffic than part of the accident! Hard to imagine 4 more weeks of this, though :( I know it will fly by, especially with only 3 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving break!