Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a GIRL!!

Abigail Mae was born Thursday, April 28th at 9:35 am. She weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and was 19 in long. She is beautiful, healthy and sweet. I'll be posting the birth story soon...we are all doing well and tonight is our first night home together as a family of four. We are very, very blessed!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water has broken....I think!

So, I'm about to wake up Chris for the 3rd time tonight...Around 11:30 I felt a small gush and I swear I thought I peed myself. I woke up Chris but he assured me that since I'm not having contractions that my water didn't break. says differently! I waited awhile and wouldn't you know, a slow and steady leak...I woke him up again (after calling my SIL to FREAK OUT!) and told him I was calling the OB line. "Ok, just let me know...I'll be waiting for the good news!" And back to sleep he went, lol. They want me to come in...I just finished packing my bag, Audrey's bag and tidying up. I'm in shock and denial but at the same time SO FREAKING EXCITED!

We may have a baby tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break: Day 3....CMoR!

What a great day we had- just girls! Sarah and Bella came over this morning and we set off for the children's museum. The girls had so much fun...they played at the water table (and got soaked!), they liked the castle and pirate ship, and they rode the safari train. Audrey wasn't a huge fan of the train but at least she tried! They also painted beautiful pictures.

I was starting to feel a little weak and winded towards the end (low blood sugar) so we went to lunch at Longhorns. Lunch with two 2-year olds is very interesting! The girls were great (minus the random "Chicken Butt" they'd yell across the table at each other, LOL.) They were sooo funny in the car. Audrey would say some silly word and Bella would crack up. They were so entertaining :)

When we got home we took a nap and then Audrey helped me put together the new baby swing. She was an awesome helper! She kept all the screws together, brought me tools and was great company.

A week from tonight I *hopefully* go in for my induction. So hard to believe the end is near. I see my dr again tomorrow, possibly for the last time. I'm torn about whether to have him strip my membranes...I don't want to go into labor anytime soon, but if I do go in for an induction I'd like to be more dilated than 1-2! I'll probably chicken out and just wait. Anything can happen between now and May 4th :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break: Days 1 and 2

Monday was great- my only plans were to get a few things knocked off the to-do list and spend time with Miss Audrey. I'm definitely to the point where I can only be on my feet for so long before I need a break! I set up Audrey's art easel from Uncle Craig and she absolutely loves it...I just need to stock up on dry erase markers and chalk.

After her nap we had lunch and went for a bike was so warm and I was so tired, just from walking up the street! I needed a nap when we came back...instead we played in the baby's nursery (at her request.) She likes to play music on the play table and when I start singing along she immediately shuts it off- I pretend to be shocked and she cracks up. It's too funny!!

Today was busy! We met my family for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went to my OB appt. I was a little nervous about taking her along but she was amazing! First we did the BPP and the baby still looks great. Then I did another NST...I had to lay there for about 20 minutes and Audrey was perfectly content sitting in her stroller and playing with the ipod.

After the dr did the internal he informed me that I'm still 1-2 cm dilated, same as last week. He offered to strip my membranes, which I immediately declined. I still remember how torturous it was with Audrey and I'm just not ready to move things along just yet. I started losing my MP yesterday but other than that I feel good, just huge :)

He also informed me that my induction date is not "set in stone." I'll have to call the afternoon of the 4th to see if L&D can take much for planning! I really don't want to take Wednesday off if I don't have to; on the other hand, I should probably quit while I'm ahead. Having the last few days off has made a big difference...I'm definitely not as sore and I'm feeling less anxious about everything. I'll be glad to wrap up Monday and Tuesday.

Tomorrow we're going to the children's museum in Richmond with Aunt Sarah and cousin Bella. We are so excited! She had so much fun when we went last summer, but I think she'll get a lot more out of it this time. I have another appt on Thursday and I'm being treated to a pedi by my awesome SIL :) I'm hoping Friday will be a nice, relaxing day at home with my sweet girl.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

It was a great weekend...made even better knowing that I didn't have to go to work this week!

Audrey didn't have dance on Saturday, so we took our time getting ready to go grocery shopping. When we got back home we both took long naps and after lunch we headed outside with dad to finally ride her tricycle outdoors!

Earlier in the week we went to Target and she picked out her helmet. She loves it!

Dad does fun things like pop wheelies :)

Easter Sunday was very memorable. Audrey found her Easter basket waiting for her on the front porch. Just like Momma, she wanted to open her chocolate bunny immediately :)

We went to Grandma & Grandpa's house where we had a big breakfast and egg hunt

After a nap we decorated eggs with cousin Bella

After dinner Aunt Sarah played with the bubble wand...the girls ran around and wore themselves out!

Audrey was exhausted when we got home; she had a quick dinner, milk and watched some TV. I'm extremely thankful that this is Spring Break...I plan on resting and nesting :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boy or Girl?

One of the most fun things about not knowing the baby's sex is hearing other people's guesses. I keep going back and forth between boy and girl.

I'd love to have another girl so that Audrey can have a sister who she will hopefully bond with and stay close to as they grow older.

I'd love to have a boy so that Chris can have a little buddy and I can keep Audrey as my one and only special little girl.

Soon enough we'll know just who Baby Burns is...either way I'm hoping for a healthy baby!

What do you think Baby Burns will be?

What will Baby Burns be?
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A girl free polls

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mother of the Year

Just the other day I was thinking about how explicit songs on the radio can't really listen to a radio station for 10 minutes without the mention of sex in a song. I know this is nothing new, but now that I'm a parent it stands out much more. I've mostly thought about my kids at school and how much they listen to, but now apparently I have to worry about my own kid! Imagine my surprise when she started singing this the other day, "Nah nah nah nah, come on, come on, come on...I like it, like it!"

Um, yeah...S&M by Rhianna. It's on the radio all the time and sooo catchy. I should've known it was a matter of time before she started singing part of it. At least it wasn't any of the really bad parts.

Does this mean I have to start listening to Kids Bop? Because that makes me want to shoot myself in.the.face.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Today was our last day of school before Spring Break :) Good thing, too, because my body is definitely telling me it's almost time. My ribs ache, I have awful cramps in different areas of my lower body and there are times where it feels like the baby is scratching my, trying to scratch its way's quite an alarming feeling!

But I haven't dropped and according to Dr K I'm only 1 cm dilated. I had a great appt yesterday...BPP was great and they did a NST which was also good. I'm up to 40 units of insulin before bed and 10 with breakfast. I dropped off my 24 hr urine sample and they took about 6 gallons of blood. They're checking for something with my kidneys...I wish I could give more details but at this point I'm so sick of doctors and needles and complications, I just don't want to bother. I have to go back twice next week for BPPs and OB visits...and the week after that is induction time! I must say, the closer we get the more excited I get...a little less anxious, a little more excited. I'm hoping to have a restful break with sweet Audrey Cate and then Baby Burns can make his or her appearance anytime after that!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peri Appointment

I left school early and made a quick stop by Panera before meeting Chris at the doctor (I needed my mac and cheese fix!) After filling out a bunch of forms we had a quick sonogram (2d, nothing spectacular) and the tech took a bunch of measurements. I told her right away we didn't want to know the sex and she was great about not saying anything...but then she looked for herself!! She asked if our first child was a girl or boy. When we told her it was a girl she said, "Oh, good." WHAT?!? What does that MEAN?? We were laughing about it after she left the room b/c we were totally analyzing her comment. "Good" as in it's a boy and we'll now have one of each? Or "good" as in we already have girl stuff? Who knows (well, she knows, but at least we don't!) She asked us what our predictions were as far as weight- we were guessing in the higher 7 lb range. Turns out the baby weighs 6 lbs 15 oz. And her margin of error is just a few ounces, so I think we're looking at a normal sized baby!

After she left the doctor came in and looked over the measurements. He confirmed that everything looked great and then had us meet with him in the conference room. That's when I started to worry...on TV they always give bad news back in the doctor's office. He just wanted to go over my sugar levels and he was concerned that they are still high in the mornings and after breakfast. He thinks I may have had diabetes before becoming pregnant and wants some tests done (FRICK!) So after our appt I ended up going to my OB's office and picking up a 24 hour urine collection container...OMFG that things is huge, bright orange and I was mortified to be carrying it out of the office! I have to collect my urine tonight and tomorrow, then have blood drawn tomorrow afternoon when I go for my regular OB appt. He definitely wants me delivering between 39-40 weeks and he wants the BPP done twice a week instead of once. He prescribed a different kind of insulin (in addition to the insulin I'm already taking) that I now need to take with my breakfast...that's 2 shots a day now...UGH! Bright side- in exactly 2 weeks from today we'll be heading in for the induction. WOW!

It's been a rough evening though...I'm having major pulls in my groin area and my butt, back, and thighs are cramping up when I walk. I haven't dropped but I sure am uncomfortable! I just need to make it through these next two days of much as I'm looking forward to Spring Break, it also means saying good bye to my kids which I'm so dreading. I'm secretly hoping that I do in fact make it to our induction date and maybe if I'm feeling well enough I can go back to work for those 2 days after break...only time will tell!

Post Summary: Diabetes sucks. Baby is awesome. I am *almost* ready for this to be over.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Easter Egg Hunt

Easter isn't until next Sunday, but I figured there wasn't any harm in letting Audrey do an egg hunt a little early. Plus it was gorgeous outside today! On Easter we're going over to Grandma's house to dye eggs and have an egg hunt with cousin THAT will be fun!

Before she took her nap I brought out the bunny basket and the eggs. She played with them for a bit and eventually lost interest. When she was napping I filled the eggs with her favorite candy (M&Ms!) and put them in the grass. When she woke up I showed her the empty bunny basket..."Oh no! Where did the eggs go?!" I asked her. I pointed outside to where I had laid one egg on the porch. She quickly caught on and it took her all but 2 minutes to find the eggs once we were out in the grass.

When we got back to the porch we opened each egg and she ate all of the M&Ms. Success!

Ready to go!

This time next year we'll have two kids looking for eggs on our front lawn!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

37 weeks and what a difference!

I had another BP and Dr appointment this week. I weighed in at 151 and b/p is good. More importantly, Baby Burns looks good! The tech estimated him/her to be 7lbs 4 0z. I was shocked! That seems big already. On Wednesday we have the level 2 fetal scan at the perinatologist. We should get a much better estimate of the baby's size then.

I've definitely slowed down a lot this week. I have a sharp pain that runs down my lower right back, into my butt and leg. And- how's this for weird- really sharp pains in my pelvic's the oddest feeling and very uncomfortable. Braxton Hicks are becoming more frequent, lasting longer and feel more uncomfortable. With all of this I'm still hoping and praying this baby stays put until May. I would really like to spend next week with my students and finish preparing for my sub; I really, really want to enjoy Spring Break as a family of 3 for the last time.

It's so different from being pregnant with Audrey...I could not wait for her to arrive. This time I'm so anxious and nervous and I feel so bad about that! I'm so excited to meet our sweet new child but my anxiety feels like it's overshadowing the excitement. Chris doesn't feel that way at all, so it's nice to have someone around here who feels ready :) He keeps assuring me that Audrey will be so excited and happy to have the baby here...I can only hope!

It never occurred to me that the baby could come early...but with as uncomfortable as I've been this week I'm going to finish packing my hospital bag tonight. In the event that I do get induced, turns out I'll be going in on the afternooon of May 4th. They'll give me cervidil to soften my cervix and that stays in for 12 hours. I was told by a nurse friend of mine that it can make you crampy but with the help of ambien and fentanyl I can get a good night's sleep. The next morning the cervidil comes out and pitocin is started. So we're looking at a May 5th due date :)

My in-laws are keeping Audrey and they are so MIL said they'd bring her to the hospital as much as I wanted. There are no restrictions with visitors so I'm hoping they can spend some time the night I go in and then of course the next day when the baby is born!

As far as the sex, I honestly have no feeling one way or the other. Since I'm carrying differently it makes me think boy. But then again I didn't have morning sickness and everything else has been the same as when I was pregnant with Audrey. I haven't even had baby dreams! I'm just content in not knowing until the big day. The moment Audrey was born was so incredible and one of the best memories I have; I'm so very excited to do it again!

The face of a very excited soon-to-be Big Sister!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

36 weeks

I had a super wonderful 1 hour massage on Friday night (thank you Christopher!!) The therapist worked mostly on my back, neck, shoulders, and feet. It was heavenly! I felt so relaxed that I started to worry about going into labor right there on the table :)

I felt great as we walked around the zoo yesterday. I hardly felt 36 weeks pregnant. Then I came home and cleaned the floors- big mistake! My back started aching so bad and although I took a long hot bath last night I woke up with the same pain this morning which resonated down my backside. Not so great when you have to go grocery shopping with a 2 year old, drop off the dog for a grooming appointment and pick up a baby mattress from the store! I started 30 units of insulin last night and when I tested my blood sugar this morning it was 78...wooo hooo!

I've been sleeping well and have no issues other than the back pain. I'm definitely moving a little slower but all in all I'm feeling wonderful! Today I set up the crib and cleaned out the remaining clutter in the nursery. I washed the infant car seat and unpacked the Stokke bassinet seat. Next weekend I think we'll install the car seat bases and set up the Pack and Play. I want to order a new swing (the Snug a Bunny) and consign our old one. I have to get new nipples for our Dr Brown's bottles and new pump parts. And I'm hoping to order a co-sleeper. Still so much to do, and that's just at home! At school I'll be busy with report cards and parent conferences...not to mention getting things ready for my sub.

I have another BP and dr appt on Thursday. Hopefully things are still looking great. I need every bit of the next 3 weeks!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To the Zoo!

Today we visited the zoo in Richmond. I was so excited to do something special with Audrey before Baby Burns arrives in (gulp) 3 weeks! We talked about it all week...we'd ask her what kind of animals live in the zoo. She'd say, "Elephants, zebras, giraffes..." She has a Little People Zoo and she plays with it all the time and knows all the animals, so she was pretty excited.

We stopped for gas and then breakfast on Main Street. Then we were off!

Our favorite part was feeding the was so cool how close they were! Chris fed them from his hand and got soooo slobbery lol.

Family pic!

The tigers were awesome, they came right up to the glass. She kept saying, "Here they come!"

Gators, my favorite!

She's telling the baby all about the zoo!

And giving the baby some love :) I do love the view from up here!

She thought the rhino was funny with its "big butt!"


What a great day :)

She fell asleep on the way home and even though it was for only 45 minutes, she was happy and playful the rest of the day. I was so happy with how close we got to the was so wide open and we got to see them all. I'm thinking about making a little photo book so she can remember our trip. I'm so glad we time we'll be going as a family of four!