Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day...with no snow!

Over the weekend I had high hopes as I stalked the weather forecast...Not one, but TWO storms were going to come together and give us 1-3 inches of snow! But on Monday afternoon I felt like a deflated balloon when I heard that one storm moved out to sea. I was still hopeful though! I continued to follow the forecast but was sad to see that the snow totals kept dropping...and then finally it was down to just sleet and ice. We were released 2 hours early on Tuesday because it was supposed to begin in the afternoon. I was totally shocked to see that we were closed on Wednesday! I thought maybe we'd have a delay at most...but of course I'll take it!

Now we have a 3-day weekend and I'm so happy. I took a 23 week belly picture last weekend but I swear this week alone my belly has doubled in size! Last night as I lay on my side the baby was doing some serious moving. We were pretty excited :)

23 weeks

My 24 week appt is Monday, as well as Audrey's 2 year check up. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!