Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 18: Thankful

So much to be grateful for.

My doubt about it, nothing would mean anything without them. Chris is my best friend and together we've created such a beautiful life. Our girls are the best blessing we could ever hope for. We wish for their continued health and happiness in the coming years.

My job...I don't even think of it as a job. It's just part of who I am and what I do. I am SO thankful for the children I get to spend time with everyday. I love Kindergarten so much I wish I could marry it. I'm grateful that my work is so rewarding and fulfilling; I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

My home...we're moving in less than a week. It's going to be very difficult to leave the place we've called home the last 9 years. It's the only home our girls have ever known. It's been the place for the best memories I have. I am beyond thankful to have made this place a wonderful home as we started our family. Now we're moving on to another home. I am grateful to Chris for working so hard in his career to afford us this opportunity. We've built our dream home and we get to raise our three incredible girls there.

House updates: Grandpa has been working hard all week! I'm happy to report that the new door color is EXACTLY what we were envisioning and we are completely in love with it!

Chris has been off since Tuesday and he was dying to see it all in person. So on Thanksgiving morning we took the girls. They loved seeing their painted bedrooms- they were over the moon with excitement. I really love the gray we picked for the walls and the way it looks with the kitchen and front door.

Chris will do the final walk through on Monday morning and then I'll meet him for closing in the afternoon. On Tuesday all the new furniture we ordered will get delivered (fingers crossed!) The movers come on Wednesday, so when the girls and I leave for school it will be our last time in the house :( I took off Thursday and Friday so I can unpack while the girls are gone. I can't believe it's finally moving week! We've been busy packing the past few days. It's a lot of work and takes more time than I realized. Luckily the girls have been so good about staying entertained while we're busy. Audrey & Abigail play for hours on end (they are best buds!) and Anne is happy to play with or without them, lol. Speaking of Anne, she now goes pee on the potty! She skipped the froggy potty and training seat. Her face is priceless when she goes- she's sooo proud of herself!

This next week is going to be exciting and exhausting. Hoping for a smooth-as-possible transition!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Abigail Mae is 4 1/2!

My word. I might be a little obsessed with this one :)

Abigail is just fascinating to me. I just want to shrink myself and be carried around in her pocket for a day, lol. I can't even put my finger on it. I just love to watch her talk, think, interact, and play. I seriously cannot get enough of her!

She is so smart. She knows how to get what she wants, but she also knows when to back down. She is passionate and loves fiercely. She has attitude and sass and can be unpredictable.

She has matured so much. Last school year she would cry when I left her at home. Now she just asks that I wake her up before I go so she can give me a hug and kiss :) HOWEVER, she has just recently reverted back to being sad....see? Unpredictable!

She's still a terrible listener. Completely selective. You can call her name 10 times and she won't acknowledge you until she wants to. Even when you *think* you have her attention, she'll say something completely unrelated to whatever you were just talking about. So frustrating, yet so funny (sometimes.)

She's become so good at drawing. I think she's learned a lot of technique from Audrey, but she definitely has her own flair. She really likes to write. She can spell her name and simple words like mom, dad, love. She likes to play with her princess toys, Minnie clip on set, and dolls. She loves to read, especially her e-readers and Violet read to me books.

She enjoys playing outside and taking baths. She is early to bed and early to rise. She can be very particular when it comes to routine, just like her momma. She really loves school and is excited to go every day. I seriously cannot wait until she's in kindergarten with me and Audrey next year.

She calls Audrey, "Audge." How cute is that?? I die every time she says it, lol. They spend hours together in her room playing. They are best buds. She is just the BEST big sister to Anne. It's one of my most favorite things about her.

Abigail has our hearts and we love her more than words could ever say.

Week 17: PSD and Front Door Debacle

Early in the week they painted our front door. Yeah, it didn't come out the way we expected.

On Thursday I left school early with Audrey and we met Chris and our project manager at the house. I was hoping the door would look better in person. It did not.

Chris sought some other opinions and Miss Melanie came up with a much more muted color. Fingers crossed! It needs to look good on the exterior and interior, because we really wanted that pop of color in the entryway. Grandpa is coming to paint everyday next week except Thursday :) I'm glad it will ALL be done before we close on the house!

Other than that, the walk through was awesome! So glad I didn't skip it. But I really didn't want to leave. It was sooo hard to leave :(

We're adding more sod, plants got put in yesterday (Chris took pics on his camera and it all looks lovely), and it has to be painted. I finally got around to ordering curtain rods. We close NEXT Monday and then the fun of moving begins!!! All this week I'd say to the girls, "This is our last school Wednesday in this house!" or "This is our last Friday on 95!" I packed most of my clothes last weekend after I figured with Jeans Week and my days off I only need 5 school outfits. I'm so giddy right now.

We only have school 2 days next week, so I probably won't go to the house again until we move. Chris, on the other hand, will probably go every single day and send me pics :) Actually, he's lucky to have off Wed-Fri so we'll be getting a tons of packing done. We can't wait!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 16: quality inspection

Not too much to report on this week! We had some rainy days which threw off the driveway and landscaping plans. Chris ordered all the area rugs and finalized the custom paint colors.

Only a few pics. I didn't go by and probably won't until our pre-settlement demo this week. Chris said they did the driveway on Friday and *maybe* the landscaping will be done by our PSD. I'm really excited to see the front door once it has been painted...I'm hoping it turns out like the rest of the house...better than we're expecting!

There's a heart on our island counter :)

Patio...where I'm sure Christopher will be spending many nights with a beer in his hand :)

Driveway is nice and wide, which is awesome because I have the WORST spatial awareness. I definitely hit another van back in June while trying to park. In our current house I turn right into the garage. I joked with Chris that I wouldn't be able to turn left (Zoolander!)

I can't believe this is our last full school week in the house! After that is Thanksgiving week, then closing/moving week! Yipppeeee!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 15: IDK, a bunch of stuff!

I was able to stop by on Tuesday after school. It was a work day and I brought Abigail with me because Chris has had TWO one-on-one days with her recently and I was getting jealous :)

That is some crazy afternoon light coming in!

View of the kitchen from the playroom door

Hood stack is done! I love the kitchen now, but I can't wait to see it with the new paint!

I had to take a picture of this light. Might need to buy more curtains!

Dining room light.

Stairs hadn't been finished, can you spot the mistake?? It has been fixed, thank goodness!

Master shower, love the gray and the size and the window!

Master vanity. I'm glad we have the side-by-side mirrors instead of the one large piece...less to clean!

Sweet Abby in mom and dad's room :)

A better picture of the carpet.

Anne's room

Upstairs hall. One of the first things I noticed and LOVED about the Emerson model was how wide the hall was. I just see a lot of playing and tackling and tickle fights in this hall :)

Can't wait to see the door painted!

The lighting is in and all the floors are done, but they were covered. Mirrors are up, too. I was SO excited to check out the upstairs...and I was extremely happy with the carpet. It's gray and it looks a lot lighter than the sample we looked at. I think it will look really good with all the different colors we're painting the bedrooms. We now have a mailbox and number sign above our door.

CORRECTION: I just learned our counters are NOT granite, they are quartz. I had no idea until Chris and I were talking about how to care for them. Good to know.

On Thursday we met Chris at the Emerson model for the Atlantic Builders chili cookoff. I hadn't been there in awhile, and I've never been there at night. It was so cool to walk around and know that in just a few short weeks we'll be walking around in our own!

The house was cleaned on Thursday and now I'm dying to see it. Our pre-settlement demonstration is in 2 weeks and originally I was going to skip it, but I'm too excited to stay away, lol.

Chris ordered a ton of tools this week. He's got big plans :) I finally ordered a bed for Audrey. Now I need a dresser. I want to check out our local thrift/antique shops because I LOVE the hand painted furniture they have. We also need area rugs for the living room, kitchen, and playroom. We're having a big area rug/runner made for the foyer that matches the runner on our stairs. I wish we could've left the stairs uncovered, but with 3 little kiddos that would be asking for trouble! I also need to order a bajillion curtain rods.

We've been trying to plan out our week of the move as far as things to get done on certain days. That includes having the house painted. We have our closing date, furniture delivery date, and moving date. Chris took off the entire week, I took two days off for unpacking. Seriously cannot wait.

Our awesome project manager worked all day yesterday on touch ups because QI is coming up this week. I'm not clear on what the schedule is for the next few weeks as far as driveway, landscaping, etc. I just know that after this weekend we only have 3 weekends to go! I'm so glad Thanksgiving break is our last week in this house- it gives us plenty of time to REALLY pack and Chris will be home with us :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 14: counters, backsplash

The kitchen turned out to be just as beautiful as I imagined. The mix of gray and white looks so classic and fresh. Chris chose gray cabinets for the pocket office and I'm really loving how it looks with the countertop! I did ask for the under cabinet lights and I'm glad I did- they are so cool!

The appliances are there. The induction cooktop and hood look great. The microwave had a dent so it's going back. I wonder what we'll cook first?

They were starting to lay the hardwood when I was there on Friday, and they'll work on the stairs this weekend. Next week they'll install the carpet, pave the driveway, and lay sod.

It will pretty much be done. Whoa.

Chris hired the movers. It's starting to get really real. I'm not even stressed, I'm excited. I love packing and planning.

We got a bunch of stuff for the house this week. I ordered a new Christmas tree (that bad boy is going up ASAP!) Our bedding arrived. Chris ordered me a robe hook ("Merry Christmas!" he said, lol!!) I picked up our living room curtains, a table lamp, a couple of decorative mirrors. Chris bought a TV so we can put our current one in the basement.

I still need to order a bed for Audrey. Abby will get Audrey's current bed and Anne will get Abigail's bed but we'll put the railing back on so she can kick it crib style for awhile longer (until she's 5 ;))

This week was hellish as far as our commute. Every damn day there was a traffic issue that either had me late to work (walking in 5 minutes before my babies!) or getting home late. I am so over it. I tried to give myself and the girls a perspective check, though; better to be stuck in traffic than part of the accident! Hard to imagine 4 more weeks of this, though :( I know it will fly by, especially with only 3 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving break!